This is why microbiome skincare should be on your radar

Balancing your microbiome is the secret to happy, healthier skin. Here we reveal all about this skincare trend


The skin's surface is a complex network consisting of fungi, bacteria and viruses all working together to create our microbiome, otherwise known as skin flora. Each person has their own specific skin microbiome, a unique ecosystem that influences skin texture, hydration, and overall appearance. When our microbiome is healthy and working optimally it also creates a barrier-like protective system to block out toxins, pollutants and environmental pathogens. However, an unbalanced microbiome can lead to irritation, dehydration and inflammation that can cause flare-ups such as acne and eczema. That’s why it’s important to keep your skin flora happy… 


Feeding your skin microbiome 

One way to keep our skin microbiome happy is with prebiotic-packed skincare. Simply put, probiotics are the bacteria that populate our skin (and also our gut), while prebiotics are the food that fuels our good bacteria. When it comes to the skin, these prebiotics rebalance the PH level of the skin. A healthy microbiome prefers an acidic environment of PH 5, that protects the skin from unwanted external bacteria.


Keeping your hands healthy 

Rituals has funnelled its new microbiome formulas into our latest handcare launch. Why? Well, our hands are constantly in contact with the world around. When looking for a way to protect our hands from ageing, bacteria and harsh chemicals, it’s important to seek natural ingredients that work in harmony with our skin barrier.  


Rituals has taken note and created microbiome-friendly hand balms with the active ingredient Chinese mulberry. With its prebiotic properties, this star ingredient helps to protect the moisture balance, preserve and prevent damage, and improve skin texture leaving the hands feeling soothed and soft. Made up of 95% natural origin ingredients, the unique hand balm range comes in all our classic collection fragrances so you can find your favourite scent.  


Marrying science and skincare, this hand balm collection is a sensory experience that will make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else throughout the year.