We do not take our success for granted; we’re extremely grateful for all the privileges success has given us so far. Which is why we try to give back by supporting causes that are close to our hearts and to the DNA of our company.


Rituals has been a proud supporter of this wonderful initiative since 2011. Tiny Miracles has developed a holistic approach to enable the world's poorest communities to break their own poverty cycle within 10 years, starting with the Pardeshi and Aarey communities in Mumbai, India.

Rituals contributes to funding all five pillars of the approach; education, health care, awareness, income generation and happiness - which help the communities become fully self-supporting within the 10-year timeframe.

Our philosophy of finding happiness in the smallest of things is a seamless fit with the mission of the foundation to create miracles that bring happiness to the lives of those less privileged.


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Providing the women who make it with new skills, a steady income and newfound self-confidence. For the first time in generations, they truly have the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.
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Our hectic modern lives leave us hardly any time to reflect, relax, and recharge. For this reason, at Rituals we embrace and promote soulfulness and living more mindfully. But to bring a real change, it’s important to start with the next generation, which is why we’re committed to bringing a combination of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to two million school children by 2023.

With a five-minute daily program that helps children, aged 6 to 12, begin their day with calm and focus, this scientifically proven methodology will help boost concentration, diminish stress and improve the effectiveness of their education.