Calling all runners! Add this yoga flow to your schedule

Experiencing stiff muscles? Invite a sense of ease into the body and create length, elasticity and relaxation with this yoga for runners’ flow.


Yoga and running have – amongst other physical and mental benefits – one huge similarity: done properly they will ease you into a meditative state, also known as being ‘in the zone’. Putting consciously one foot in front of the other on the rhythm of your breath can put a racing mind at ease. The flipside of relaxing your mind by running, is that your hip flexors, hamstrings and quadriceps get stiff; these guys need to work hard to keep you going.  


If you’re experiencing muscle ache, try this slow and intentional yoga flow. It’s designed to bring length, elasticity and relaxation to the parts of the body most affected by running. By focusing on bringing breath and openness to tight or restricted areas, we invite a sense of ease into the body. Join Deborah on the mat and release tension through low lunges, reclining hand to big toe pose and reclined pigeons. Your lower body, nervous system and hips will be grateful. 


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Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Professional writer, healer and teacher Deborah Anne Quibell believes passionately in breathing grounded knowledge from scholarly pursuits into the fields of yoga and spirituality. A senior instructor for the Institute for Inner Studies, she holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and teaches Pranic Healing as well as yoga and meditation in studio, corporate and online environments.