Try these stimulating inversions to encourage a state of reflection

You might assume that a yoga practice focusing solely on inversions would mean you’re going to spend the entire time upside down. But yoga inversions are simply about getting your heart higher off the ground than your head.


Downward dog, forward bends and a supported shoulder stand are all inversions that can be done easily, regardless your yogi prowess. As well as strengthening arms and abdominal muscles, by going against gravity you increase blood flow, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, plus gain a different perspective on your abilities both mentally and physically.


Graduate to inversion poses that take a bit more time to master, and you’ll discover the art of perseverance and the grace of humility - all essential qualities to reflect on in both yoga and in life. Let’s get started...

Mandy Snijder

Mandy Snijder

From the moment she first stepped onto the mat, Mandy Snijder fell in love with yoga. Her love grew stronger during her Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in India and she has been teaching yoga ever since. Mandy teaches Vinyasa, Power, Hot and Yin yoga. If you want to join her classes, pay a visit to Balanzs in Rotterdam. This kind-hearted and passionate yogi has a profound interest in personal development and spiritual growth, and she is always looking for ways to deepen her practice. Mandy feels happiest being surrounded by nature, dancing or when travelling to a beautiful destination. Another place you can find her often? At the gym or on her Rocycle bike.