We partnered with Elusis, expert audio-engineers producing 4D music in combination with haptic vibrations through the chair. This technique is called brain-wave entrainment. It can change your brain-wave frequencies into theta brain waves, also known as deep meditative state. Experience a full mental recharge that feels like deep sleep.

DURATION: 30 min | €29,50


A quick and super effective recharge of mental energy. Using Dr. Weil’s effective breathing technique, in combination with our unique brain massage, feel your mind and body completely unwind. Leaving you feeling deeply rested and recharged for the day ahead.

Duration: 55 min | €44,50

Deep Rest & Reset

This 55-minute session brings you into a deep state of relaxation. The session combines the power of rhythmic breathing to calm your nervous system with music designed to bring your brain into a meditative state. If you feel tired and find it hard to turn your mind off, this is the session for you.

Mind Oasis

Experience a refuge of relaxation combining innovative, effective and science-based techniques with the ancient wisdom of meditation and mental stress relief.


House of Rituals

Discover House of Rituals at Spui 10 in Amsterdam to browse our iconic collections as well as a complete floor dedicated to our range of premium products.


* Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If you have a history of epilepsy, cardiobascular issues, or you'are pregant, please check with your doctor before booking a Breath of Life, Breathing Bubble or Brain Massage session.