3 mindful self-care skincare routines to try

Rejuvenate dull skin and add a little awareness into your day with these thoughtful skincare routines


Creating a mindful skincare routine is easier than you think. It comes down to having a little awareness, whilst immersing yourself in the experience. That’s how daily routines can become meaningful moments. But, we know, with hectic schedules, it's easy to become impatient and forget self-care. You may find yourself quickly splashing your face in the sink or carrying your cleanser into the shower.  


Instead, we have found 3 quick, yet effective, at-home pamper sessions with expert tips and advice from aesthetic doctor Dr Asha Chhaya and skin expert Amba Logan that will bring a little more joy and mindfulness to your skincare routine. 


1. At-home hydrating & nourishing facial

Avoid dry and lacklustre skin with this ultra-hydrating facial. Take the time to smell the products and asking yourself, how does the texture feel on my face? What scents can I smell? To create a truly mindful, almost meditative moment. Follow our step-by-step tutorial for glowing skin and a calmer mind.  


Step 1 - Double Cleanse

Double cleanse with an oil-based balm or cleanser then follow with a foam to ensure that all impurities are whisked away in the evening. "Whilst a morning cleanse is very important and not to be skipped, a much quicker, lighter cleanse is enough to remove sweat, oils, and leftover night products from the skin, and is a perfect way to prep the skin for your AM routine,” explains Amba.  


Amba emphasises how a second cleanse “will really deep clean the skin once all the make-up and sunscreen has been removed.” The key with the second cleanse is to focus on areas that often get missed such as “the hairline, brows, and sides of cheeks near your ears. These are areas that dirt and product can get trapped if not removed properly, causing clogged pores and breakouts”. 


Step 2 - Exfoliation  

Slough away dead skin cells with exfoliation. "Gentle exfoliation can help unclog pores by breaking the bonds that glue our cells together, releasing old cell buildup at the pore opening, reducing breakouts. This also allows new cells to come to the surface by sending signals for the baby cells to speed up their journey to the top," explains Amba.  


During the winter, dry and flaky skin can build up, making this step essential. To make this a mindful moment, Dr Asha encourages you to “observe the colour and texture of your chosen exfoliant, noticing the texture between your fingers, inhale the scent, apply to the face and notice how this feels.  When washing the product off, notice the coolness of the water and the freshness of the skin on your face after it has been exfoliated.”  


Step 3 - Steam 

A facial steam can hydrate the skin but it has wellbeing benefits too. Steam can be very relaxing and, by adding herbs or oils to the water, you can boost the effects, helping to destress, decongest the skin and lift the mood depending on what oils or infusions are used,” notes Amba. 


Step 4 - Mask  

No at-home facial is complete without a plumping face mask. Accelerate your cell renewal whilst taking the time to unwind with our Glow mask or for a quick yet impactful, hydrating, fix opt for a sheet mask. This step will intensively soften and soothe cleansed skin. Not sure which is best for you? Find the right face mask with our handy guide.


Step 5 - Hydrate

Last but not least, nourish the skin with a serum and lock in hydration with a  moisturiser for both thday and night.


When applying the serum take a gentler touch, using your fingertips to pat into your face and neck gently. Then move on to applying the nourishing moisturiser. It is at this point that you can set out an intention for your skin. Try to inhale the aromas of the product, and with each upward glide across the skin, set an intention for the day or evening ahead. This way, you will rebalance your body and mind, and give your skin the respect it deserves.  


2. Facial Yoga

Facial yoga has had a resurgence on TikTok and it’s one of the social media beauty trends worth getting behind. “It helps stimulate blood flow to the muscles of the face, helps relieve tension and also improves muscle tone which is important to maintain as we age,” says Dr Asha 


Not only that, but Amba explains how "facial yoga can subtly lift and tone facial muscles, and ease facial tension, which can soften expression lines. It helps boost circulation, feeds the skin from within, and drains the lymph. Effective lymph drainage can sculpt and shape the face reducing puffiness and fluid build-up around the cheeks and jawline”. For best results, she suggests you do it “daily for an average of 15-20 mins to produce noticeable results in as little as 4-6 weeks. 


Try our 7-step facial sequence today.


Facial Tapping 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, refers to an exercise by which you tap/apply pressure to certain parts of the face or body. “Tapping the skin is great to promote blood flow to the face and also assists with lymphatic drainage, both of which contribute to a healthy glow. The act of tapping itself helps to stay mindful through the sensations it produces against the skin,” explains Dr Asha.  


Preliminary studies have shown face tapping to be beneficial for relieving anxious thoughts and decreasing psychological stressors, which can support overall skin health.  


Try our simple guide to face tapping here.