Meet your new morning routine for more energy

Daily routines have the power to ground you, to energise you, to give you clarity and focus. Want to feel energised before leaving your house and starting the day? 


Try these 5 simple tips that some “morning people” do everyday to boost their energy levels and maintain a positive attitude from the moment they walk outside.


1. Meditate the morning fog away

A great moment to reflect and slowly awaken all your senses is in the early morning. Take some time to clear your head by sitting in silence and being present in the moment. New to meditation? Watch our exclusive video with meditation expert Deborah to help you get started.


2. Greet the sun with yoga

Once your mind is clear and open to a new day, try this morning yoga routine to get your body aligned with your head. Doing yoga releases endorphins into the bloodstream which act as a natural mood enhancer.


3. Take a cold shower with an invigorating scent

Grab one of Rituals’ energising shower foams and turn the water from warm to cold for the last 20 seconds. It may be a shock to the system, but it will make you alert and ready to face the day.


4. Make time for breakfast

A lot of people skip a morning meal in favour of 15 minutes of extra sleep, but if you want to stabilise your blood sugar, you need to eat something. This delicious yet easy-to-prepare breakfast smoothie will give your body the fuel it needs.


5. Start fresh with fragrance

It has been scientifically proven that scent has a tremendous effect on our emotions. Surround yourself with fragrances that you associate purely with happiness or energy.


Even trying just a few of these tips on a daily basis is bound to boost your mood and give you more energy throughout your busy day. If you turn them into a morning habit, you will no longer be wondering about or envious of those morning people—you’ll be smiling right back at them!