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Unlock ways to energise your body, mind and soul with our expert-led masterclass. Together we will discover manageable and easy ways to bring more positivity to your day, keep energy levels balanced and practical tips on giving yourself instant positivity boosts.


It may sound ambitious to only need 3 days to fill your life with positivity but our practical and insightful masterclass has been designed so you can implement change and boost your energy - in every way imaginable - easily and instantly.  


What’s involved? Our 72-hour Energy Masterclass explained 


Our energy levels are often in a precarious state and if they’re not balanced the knock-on effects are considerable. Research has shown that when we are low on mental or physical energy, we find it harder to make decisions, retain information and our quality of sleep can be impacted. Similarly, if our bodies are in a constant state of high nervous energy and being flooded with too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, it can lead to the weakening of the immune system. Equally, if we overdo it, with too much physical exertion we are at risk of depleting our energy supplies which can lead to reducing levels of stamina. And that’s where our energy masterclass comes in. We will explore all the ways to keep energy levels perfectly balanced so that you can do what you need to do when you need to do it, and feel great along the way.  


From mood-boosting workout videos, easy energising diet tweaks, expert-led advice on how to balance your mood and even an uplifting soundscape (think of it like a next-gen meditation); this is everything you need to bring more positive vibes into your everyday.  


You can access all of our exclusive content via our app as well as by clicking through the full program below. It’s time to let positivity into your life, so what are you waiting for?  


The Energy Masterclass includes: 


Articles x 10 

Videos x 3

Soundscape x 1 


Delve into our series of inspiring articles, videos and exclusive soundscape - designed to help you feel more energised - that can be completed individually or as a 72-hour weekend masterclass. 


Kickstart the masterclass with our deep dive:  

What is Energy?

Friday’s plan 

Friday morning: 7 easy ways to energise your diet

Friday midday: The power of scent: supercharge your energy levels, motivation & more 

Friday evening: Put a spring in your step with this energising body massage


Saturday's plan 

Saturday morning: A fun, energy-boosting, workout you can do anywhere

Saturday midday: 3 things that zap your mind's energy levels

Saturday evening: Surround yourself in positive energy with our immersive soundscape


Sunday’s plan 

Sunday morning: Fake awake any time with these energising facial massage moves

Sunday midday: 5 ways to tap into your spiritual energy to radiate positivity

Sunday evening: Get sleep strategic: How to wake up full of energy tomorrow


Meet the experts 


Neil Bridgeman, nutritionist  

Previously a marketing and communications executive, Neil retrained as a nutritionist after suffering from mental health issues and sporting injuries. He believes that uncomplicated nutritional advice and lifestyle interventions can restore and revive wellbeing. 


Elise Benat, Perfumer at Swiss fragrance company, Firmenich 
Fine fragrance perfumer, Elise was born and raised in the South of France. She has created scents for some of the world’s biggest fragrance brands including Rituals. 


Fabien Craignou, Director of Consumer Insights at Firmenich

Fabien studies global perfume markets and creates tailor-made consumer research to support and lead product innovation.  

Wessel-Jan Kos, Perfumer at Firmenich

Dutch-born perfumer, Wessel also creates fragrances for Firmenich and is a third-generation perfumer following his father and self-taught grandfather’s footsteps. 


Hélène Notebaert, skincare expert and aesthetician 

Holland-based Hélène loves all things skin, especially people connecting with their own. She has created spa treatments for Rituals and is an expert in Hammam massage, having lectured about the subject all over the world. 


Alcides Jackson, personal trainer  

Fitness fanatic Alcides believes that consistency is key when it comes to achieving goals, feeling better and to grow and be a better person. 


Victoria Joy, clarity coach 

Having spent years as a journalist, Victoria retrained as a life coach to help people take back control of their everyday lives by creating healthy habits. 


Willem van Erven Dorens, composer 

After studying Sonology at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, Willem delved into experimental studies looking at the mathematics and physics behind ambient sound and music. Based in Amsterdam, he works as a freelance composer and sound designer. 


Gabriel Gonsalves, spiritual teacher and coach 

Born in Venezuela but having grown up in the US, and lived in Cape Town, Gabriel now resides in Grenada, Spain. He helps people find their own spiritual, mental and inner energy. 


Natali Kelly, reiki healer 

Having trained in a plethora of aesthetic methodologies, Natali believes that by combining reiki into regimes and treatments she can channel energy to heal to boost inner glow. 


Dr. Shelby Harris, sleep psychologist  

Based and practising in White Plains, New York, Dr. Shelby Harris specialises in behavioural sleep medicine working to improve the sleep of everyone from babies to adults.  


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