Striving to implement environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the world around us. This mission is foremost on our minds – it's a continuous journey that never ends, and we aim to better ourselves every day with the help of three sustainability pillars: Clean, Conscious & Caring. Please read on for more information about our path to sustainable well-being.


Trusted quality products, carefully formulated with ingredients of natural origin.



Making sustainable choices for our packaging and in our business, every step of the way.



Supporting and developing programmes contributing to soulful societies.



To keep ourselves focused we have defined a few main goals:

- All formulations will contain more than 90%
ingredients from natural origin, by 2023.
- In that same year, we hope to have reached 2 million
school children with our yoga & mindfulness programme Super Chill.
- Another major milestone for us is in 2025, when we will only
have products in our assortment that are refillable, recyclable
and/or made from recycled materials.

Clean & Conscious Tool

To identify and track our improvements in sustainable product development, we created the Clean & Conscious tool. It assesses our products on water and CO2 use, circularity and responsible sourcing. Want to learn more? Slide right.

Defining the themes:

• Water in formula
• Water used to grow and harvest raw materials
• Water added to the formula
• Checking formula biodegradability and ecotoxicity levels
• Water used in packaging production

• Product CO2e emissions (formula)
• Packaging CO2e emissions

Defining the themes:

• % Plant-based ingredients of natural origin in the formula
• Responsible sourcing of ingredients

Circularity of product packaging:
• Refillable
• Recyclable
• Recycled content
• Weight/ volume ratio

Clean & Conscious Tool

The tool was developed in collaboration with the Anthesis group. From 2021 onward – when we have external verification of our data, we will increase our communication with you and share more information. In the meantime, we are integrating the results into our new product development processes, making sure sustainability is top of mind in every new concept we develop. So keep an eye out on these pages!

"We believe in a soulful and sustainable way of life."

- Niki Schilling, Director Sustainability -

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