DThis sweepstakes is intended for participants in the United States aged 18 or above. If you are under the age of 18, you are not eligible to participate in this sweepstakes. To participate, you will need to be in possession of a valid e-mail address. The only manner to participate in this sweepstakes is digitally: completing the form (first name, last name, e-mail address), subscribing to the Rituals newsletter and accepting the Terms and Conditions. Subscription to Crunch newsletter is not mandatory to enter the sweepstakes. Participants are free to opt-out of the newsletters at any time with no revocation of their chance to win. Any other means of sending us the participation form (e.g. by telephone, fax, or in any other way) will not be deemed valid. All website users who have completed the form in full, subscribed to the newsletter and accepted the terms and conditions will hereinafter be referred to as the ‘Participant’ in the singular or ‘Participants’ in the plural.

The following parties are excluded from participation: (i) employees of Rituals or companies affiliated or associated with Rituals, (ii) every other person who is involved in the organization of the sweepstakes, and (iii) immediate family members of the persons mentioned under (i) or (ii);


Participation is free of charge and valid as of the first sign up to the “Rituals x Crunch Sweepstakes” landing page.

The sweepstakes will start on February 1, 2022 (at 00:01 AM EST) and concludes on February 28, 2022 (at 23:59 pm EST). To be eligible for winning a prize, a Participant must (i) have entered a valid e-mail address and valid personal details (this being his/her first name and last name) on the login screen and have registered prior to February 28, 2022 (at 23:59 pm EST), (ii) subscribed to the Rituals newsletter and (iii) accepted these Terms and Conditions.


This sweepstakes is organized by Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise B.V., having its registered offices at Keizersgracht 679, 1017 DV Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 809215160 (hereinafter referred to as the 'Organiser' or ‘Rituals’);


By participating in the Sweepstakes, Rituals will use Participants’ personal data collected within the context of the Sweepstakes and/or newsletter subscription if the Participant consented hereto. If Participants opt-in to the Crunch newsletter, Rituals will share the data provided with Crunch. Crunch will use the data as provided in their privacy policy.
Rituals will collect Participant’s first and last name and his/her/their e-mail address and other relevant details for participation to the Sweepstakes. This also means that during the Sweepstakes, we will inform Participants about the progress of the Sweepstakes. Personal data collected as part of participation to the Sweepstakes will not be further used or retained by Rituals for any other purposes, unless Participants consented thereto (for example if the participant subscribed to receive our newsletter). The personal data provided upon participation will be treated by Rituals with strict confidentiality and will be retained and/or processed in accordance with the applicable legislation with regard to the protection of personal data. If, during the Sweepstakes, a Participant, informs us that he/she does no longer want to participate, we will not be using his/her personal data anymore for the Sweepstakes. Personal data in relation to the Sweepstakes is never passed on to third parties. Rituals will use your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns about data protection, you can also contact our company data protection officer on privacy@rituals.com. A link to Rituals Privacy Policy can be found here https://www.rituals.com/en-us/privacy-policy.html.


To the extent allowed by law Rituals reserves the right to end the sweepstakes at any time and/or unilaterally change the published rules, prizes, promotional period, as well as the Terms and Conditions, at any time without having to state accountability. In all cases not provided for by these conditions Rituals will decide in accordance with what is reasonable and as it deems fit.


The winner of the sweepstakes will be selected at random amongst the Participants who signed up to the Rituals newsletter. Rituals will contact the winner on March 1, 2022 (via e-mail) with a request to communicate their address details to Rituals to enable Rituals to dispatch the prize. The winner is obliged to respond to the notification by e-mail (with inclusion of their address details) as soon as possible and in all cases before March 15, 2022. Should he/she/they fail to do so, he/she/they will waive his/her/their right to the prize and Rituals will select an alternative winner from the other Participants. In such a case, the initial winner will not be entitled to claim the prize, or any other form of monetary or other compensation.


Rituals will then send the prizes to the winner within a reasonable term no later than May 15, 2022. All prizes under this sweepstakes are strictly personal, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable for cash or any other form of compensation. Additionally, Rituals is not obliged to communicate or correspond about the result of this sweepstakes;


For the winner, Rituals will provide 1x The Ritual of Jing Foaming Shower Gel (RRP $12.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Body Scrub (RRP $17.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Bath Foam (RRP $17.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Dry Oil (RRP 25.00), 1x The Ritual of Jing Massage Candle (RRP $29.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Bath Crystals (RRP $17.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Relax Serum (RRP $15.00), 1x The Ritual of Jing Sleep Serum (RRP $15.00) 1x The Ritual of Jing Eye Pillow (RRP $19.00), 1x The Ritual of Jing Pillow Mist (RRP $22.50), 1x The Ritual of Jing Body Cream & Refill Pack (RRP $34.90), 1x The Ritual of Jing Candle (RRP $29.50) and Crunch will provide a 1-year All Crunch membership (Value $1,768) and a Therabody Wave Solo (RRP $79) hereinafter referred to as the 'Prize'.


Subject to Rituals' willful misconduct or gross negligence and to the maximum extent permitted by law, Rituals is only liable for direct damages caused due to Rituals' negligence and not for any indirect damages, loss of profits or business interruption (even if Rituals have been advised of the possibility of such damages or such damages are foreseeable) arising out of the Participant's participation in the sweepstakes. As such, Rituals is not liable for any damage arising from not being able to participate or being excluded from the sweepstakes, for whatever reason, and/or the suitability of, a defect in or the non-conformity of the Prize.


Rituals has the right to exclude a Participant from participation in this sweepstakes and therefore the chance of winning a Prize if the Participant has provided incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or misleading data or has in any other manner committed fraud or attempted to do so. Mass form submissions, participation by or through third parties or associations, macros, or other automated methods, and means of participation in the sweepstakes that do not fully comply with the provisions of the Promotional Terms and Conditions will be excluded. If a Participant uses or manipulates a computer system to circumvent the Promotional Terms and Conditions, e.g. through the use of ‘scripts’, manipulation of IP addresses, the use of a third party’s identity or login details, the use of any other automated methods to generate additional registrations to participate in the sweepstakes, and any other use that is not in accordance with the spirit of the sweepstakes, this Participant and all similar means of participating in the sweepstakes will be excluded. In such a case, any allocation of a Prize will be declared null and void.


To the extent allowed by law, this sweepstakes is governed by the laws of the Netherlands, and all disputes in relation to the sweepstakes that cannot be settled amicably will be placed exclusively before the competent courts in Amsterdam. This choice of law does not deprive you of the protection afforded to you under your own laws where such provisions that cannot be derogated from by agreement by virtue of the law of your jurisdiction.


By participating in the sweepstakes, the Participant explicitly accepts these Terms and Conditions.


In case of questions or complaints about the Sweepstakes, please contact:
Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise B.V.
Keizersgracht 679
1017 DV Amsterdam, the Netherlands