What is awareness & why does it matter?

Here we reveal the benefits of bringing more awareness into your life, plus how to make it happen... 


Imagine yourself sitting on a train, travelling at high speed through the countryside. Your mind is occupied, maybe you’re thinking about work, maybe you ponder your never-ending to-do list, or maybe you re-run the argument you had with your mum last night. You look out of the window and you watch the landscape go by in a flurry of indiscernible images. You watch, and yet, you don’t really see.  


As soon as the train decreases its speed, the puzzle become reassembled and the world comes slowly back into clear view. Living life at high speed is a little bit like that. It can blur and dampen your senses: we look, but we don’t always see. We hear, but we might not really listen. We experience, but we don’t always truly feel. This is where awareness comes into play.  


Awareness is about being conscious of all your senses and truly experiencing them, instead of living on autopilot. By allowing ourselves to slow down the pace of life, we give ourselves the gift of seeing the world through an unobstructed view. And, by learning to embrace the art of paying attention to all our senses, we suddenly experience a deeper awareness of all the beautiful things and moments that life, people, and the world have to offer us. It is in this flow of attention, of consciously listening to others with interest, and opening our eyes to see what and who is in front of us – when we attentively smell, taste, and experience – that we become truly aware. Cultivating awareness is paying attention to all your senses, and rediscovering the beauty of childlike curiosity and wonder. After all, happiness and bliss can be found in the smallest of things, but only if you make the time and put in the effort to watch and truly see… 


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Emma Becque

Emma Becque

Emma Becque is a writer from the UK who made the move to Amsterdam after working for Condé Nast, The Telegraph and many art publications in London. Her passion is for writing about all things wellbeing and interiors.