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How to nourish the seed of mindfulness in your children

  • От Deborah Quibell
  • Mon Jul 23 2018
  • 5 min read

Have you ever seen a young child playing for hours and hours with the same toy? You could argue that children – especially those of a young age – are naturally mindful. As a parent, you have a lot of influence on this matter, according to Deborah Quibell. She shares some tips and advice on how to introduce more mindfulness into your children’s lives.

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An interview with yoga and chakra expert Erica Jago

  • От Erica Jago
  • Mon Nov 27 2017
  • 3 min read

Teacher, designer and best-selling author Erica Jago is living proof that we can all benefit from living mindfully. As a yoga and chakra expert, Erica’s life is an inspirational how-to guide to living the best version of your story. We sit down with her to talk about what drives her, the important role yoga has played, and of course, her own personal rituals for wellness.