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Welcome to your first day! To kick off Soulful Sleep, Dr Shelby Harris and Dagmar Brusse explore why sleep matters so much for our health, and reveal how to create a smart sleep kit to support you throughout the masterclass.


Article: Why sleep matters for your health

From reducing stress levels to keeping diabetes at bay, there are some amazing health benefits that come from a good night’s sleep. Keep these bonuses in mind as you embark on 14 days to Soulful Sleep...


Prevents diabetes

Studies have shown that people who frequently sleep less than five hours a night have an increased risk of diabetes. “This is because when you regularly get a bad night’s sleep your body can’t produce enough insulin, the hormone that transfers glucose from the blood to the rest of the body to give it energy,” explains Dr Shelby Harris. This results in a build-up of glucose in the blood; the primary symptom of diabetes.”


Lowers blood pressure and repairs organs

During deep sleep, which constitutes about 15-20% of the typical night, our core body temperature falls to its lowest and we also see our blood pressure dip to its lowest point in the day. Why is this important? The dipping of body temperature and heart rate allow for vital repair of tissues and organs. For this reason, short sleepers are at significantly greater risk for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.


Reduces stress

We know stress can cause a lack of sleep but, in turn, a lack of sleep will cause stress. “When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces too much of the stress hormone, cortisol. This then triggers your ‘fight or flight’ response, a natural feeling we get when we think we’re under threat, and raises your stress levels leaving you feeling more irritable, anxious and moody,” explains Dr Harris. “However, by managing your sleep you can manage your stress and that will make you feel happier and able to cope with things far better.”


Aids weight loss

A well-established fact in sleep research is that when you get enough sleep, your hunger hormones are in check. Sleep too little and your body gives you signals to “eat more” and you crave more high fat/high carb foods. Proper sleep helps your body know when it is full and you crave sugary or fatty foods less.  And if you’re working out too, then sleep is essential. “Exercise is about damaging your muscles so they can rebuild and grow stronger. Your muscles recover and repair better when you sleep. If you have a really hard workout but a bad night's sleep, your body won’t have time to properly repair and rebuild, making it tough to get more out of challenging workouts in the future,” explains Dr Harris. 


Task: Create your own sleep kit

During this masterclass, you’ll discover a wealth of new habits and fresh ideas to support a good night’s sleep. Along the way there will be exercises, meditations, journaling and more, as we align body, mind and soul in this holistic plan. Having these tools at hand will be both convenient and comforting, as you start your journey to a good night’s rest...



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