What each Rituals classic collection colour actually means

Ever searched for ‘the red Rituals’? Or perhaps you’re looking for ‘the yellow one’? Well look no further, here’s your complete guide to our Classic Collections.  

In the world of Rituals, each of our Classic Collections is a beautifully crafted sensory experience. From the red one, The Ritual of Ayurveda with its notes of Indian rose and sweet almond, and the joyful yellow one The Ritual of Mehr, to the refreshing notes of our spa-inspired blue one The Ritual of Hammam, each range is meticulously designed to transport you to a realm of serenity and inner balance.  


Packed with rejuvenating benefits and natural ingredients, these bestselling collections are beloved by many. However, we have noticed something – not everyone knows what each collection is actually called. So powerful are the bright and beautiful colours they’re wrapped in! 


Have you ever searched Google for ‘the red Rituals’? Or gotten confused between the two different green ones? Well, we’re here to help guide you.  


From the chosen colours of each classic collection and their corresponding names, to the inspiration, scents and benefits of each one, consider this your official Rituals cheat sheet.  


Let’s dive in – we’re pretty excited about this one.  


“Yellow Rituals” – The Ritual of Mehr 

The scent: Bright and zesty with mood-boosting notes of sweet orange and cedar wood 

Why try it? With its uplifting aroma, The Ritual of Mehr is inspired by the bright and bold energy of the sun which is why it’s packaging in yellow. Celebrate joy, lift your mood and boost your energy levels, with this stimulating collection. 

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"Green Rituals" – The Ritual of Jing 

The scent: Calming and soothing with notes of lotus flower, jujube, lavender and sandalwood 

Why try it? Crafted to help you cultivate calm and tranquillity hence the relaxing green hue, the ancient Chinese concept of Jing is central to this soothing collection. Use it to help you unwind and relax, or slip into a night of restful sleep. 

Fun fact: You’ll notice there are light green and dark green products within the “Green Rituals” - the products that help you unwind and relax are dark green, while the products to help you sleep better tonight are light green. 

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“Turquoise Rituals” – The Ritual of Karma 

The scent: Uplifting and summery with white tea and lotus flower 

Why try it? Not to be confused with the blue-hued The Ritual of Hammam, this turquoise collection is summer in a bottle. The bright aquatic colours of the packaging remind us of sparkling summer beaches. Inspired by the concept of good karma, it’s been carefully formulated to help you radiate positivity and practise kindness. The Ritual of Karma is also where you’ll find our full spectrum sun care. 

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"Red Rituals" – The Ritual of Ayurveda 

The scent: Sweet and delicate with Indian rose and sweet almond oil 

Why try it? Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda – India’s ancient art of living wisely – this nourishing collection is designed to help you balance your body, mind and soul. Start your day with inner harmony.  

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“Blue Rituals” – The Ritual of Hammam 

The scent: Invigorating and refreshing with eucalyptus, argan oil and rosemary  

Why try it? One for spa lovers, The Ritual of Hammam is blue like water because it draws inspiration from ancient cleansing traditions. Made with over 90% natural-origin ingredients, it’s the ideal routine to help you unwind and indulge in a purifying self-care moment.  

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“Pink Rituals” – The Ritual of Sakura 

The scent: Soft and delicate with relaxing notes of cherry blossom and rice milk 

Why try it? One of our most loved scents, The Ritual of Sakura takes inspiration from Hanami, the ancient Japanese ceremony which celebrates the fleeting beauty of the sakura tree (cherry blossom). The pink tones are inspired by the blossom petals and the formulas are crafted to help you celebrate each day as a new beginning, and enjoy life to its fullest.  

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“Grey Rituals” – Homme 

The scent: Woody and invigorating with cedar wood and vitamin E 

Why try it? Say hello to Homme, our collection of products, designed for men, to help them build the ultimate grooming routine. Crafted with high-performance formulas and nourishing natural origin ingredients, these products have got you covered from body to beard and beyond. 

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“Silver Rituals” –  Sport 

The scent: Crisp and fresh with notes of citrus, bergamot and peppermint 

Why try it? Whether it’s post-workout or just a sluggish morning, Sport is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Our top tip – try the cooling shower gel on a hot day for the ultimate freshen up.  

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