Treat your feet to a home pedicure in 6 simple steps

Your feet contain no less than 72,000 nerve endings, making them one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And they’re even more sensitive in summertime, thanks to them being more exposed in sandals or being bare on the beach. But if you’re short on time and resources, it’s time to take matters into your hands. We share the six essential steps to the perfect home pedicure.


1. Soak it up

When you’ve been on your feet all day, treating them to a lovely, long soak is always a good idea. It also happens to be the first step in every pedicure. Submerging your feet in warm water provides lots of physical benefits: it soothes muscles, softens callouses and reduces swelling, just to name a few. It also has an extremely relaxing effect on the mind. Step up your soak by adding Epsom salt, which can help eliminate toxins and soothe dry skin.


2. Scrub for new skin

Exfoliation helps to keep your skin healthy by stimulating cell growth, and your feet are no exception. The Ritual of Dao foot scrub soothes and cools the skin, combining the refreshing effect of Chinese mint with the skin-softening properties of yi yi ren. Massage it generously into your feet to remove old skin cells and make room for new ones. When finished, rinse your feet off with warm water.


3. Now’s the time to nail it

Properly trimmed toenails are a very important part of good grooming and your pedicure. Make sure you use toenail clippers, not fingernail clippers, because they’re not large enough to do the job right. Always dry your feet before clipping, as wet nails tear and bend easier, making them more difficult to cut. Make small cuts across your nail in a straight line for the best result. If they’re not as smooth as you’d like, you can file them using a quality nail file in one direction.


4. Mmmmm…massage

We readily admit it; this is our favourite part of any pedicure. Aside from feeling good, giving yourself a proper foot massage has the ability to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and improve circulation. You can decide for yourself what feels best, but here’s a tip: make sure you give your arches some attention. These can hold a lot of tension, especially when you’ve had an active day. Use a massage oil infused with a relaxing scent to really step up your pedicure.


5. The secret to softness

Just like exfoliation, keeping your skin moisturised is essential for healthy feet. Your feet withstand a lot of pressure on a daily basis, making them prone to dryness. If you let them get too dry, the skin will start cracking, causing pain and possible infection. We suggest using The Ritual of Dao foot balm, as it was designed to revitalise tired feet and lock in moisture. Here’s another insider’s tip: if you still find that your feet are too dry (which can happen with extended sun exposure, for example) you can apply some body cream to your feet before bed and sleep in socks. This intensely hydrates your feet overnight, when our skin is busy repairing itself.


6. Express yourself with colour

Now that your feet feel amazing, it’s time to make them look the part as well. You can match your pedicure polish to your nails, your clothes or even the season. For a longer-lasting look, treat your toenails the way you treat your fingernails: first start with a primer as a base coat. Allow this to dry properly before adding colour and finish off with a top coat.

Caring for your feet has a tremendous impact on the rest of your body as well as your psychological health. Take the time to treat your feet and you’ll be sure to reap all the benefits.