This is why bathing is the ultimate self-care moment

Luxuriating in the bath or taking a long shower may seem frivolous but there are incredible self-care benefits to taking time out in your bathroom.


While showering is more common than bathing the world over, taking a bath has proven health and wellbeing benefits.  In fact, the Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing traditions and is the inspiration for The Ritual of Hammam collection. So, if you have a bathtub and a spare 20-30 minutes, why not treat yourself to a soak? Keep reading to discover why bathing is the ultimate self-care moment.  


1. Bathing supports your wellbeing

A soak in the tub is proven to reduce anxiety, ease physical aches and even lead to feelings of self-reported happiness. Floating in the bath can also replicate the feeling of being in the womb, making you feel safe and comforted.  


2. Bathing prevents and alleviates skin conditions

Doctors often prescribe baths in combination with medicine for people struggling with disorders like eczema. For otherwise healthy skin, soaking in a bath helps to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores or even cause potential infections.


3. Bathing improves circulation

When we’re submerged in warm water, our hearts have to work a bit harder and more efficiently. This stimulates blood flow, which is always good for our bodies.   


4. Bathing lowers stress

A big reason most of us feel so relieved after emerging from a nice, long bath is because it naturally lowers our cortisol levels. Cortisol is the so-called “stress hormone,” so when there’s less in our system, we feel more at ease.


5. It helps you battle the common cold

While we can’t get rid of this annoyance completely, the steam produced in a warm bath can lessen the icky symptoms you have when you catch a cold. It frees up your nasal passages and reduces inflammation.


Want to optimise your bathing time? Listen to one of our meditations for an extra dose of relaxation while you’re soaking in the tub.  


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Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans

Jessy Deans is a copywriter with a strong appetite for thought-provoking stories, travel and anything covered in white chocolate. With a background working in the fast-paced television industry, she has learnt the importance of self-care and downtime and believes there’s no such thing as too many candles. She is passionate and committed to her lifelong search for the perfect meal and subscribes to the doctrine that ‘if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else’ (Ru Paul).