Get healthy and shiny hair with these 5 tips

Healthy hair starts with a good shampoo, but there are lots of other things you can do to make your crowning glory more beautiful. For example, you can nourish yourself from the inside out by practicing healthy eating habits as well as taking holistic health cues from Ayurveda. Scalp massage, special oils, hair masks and avoiding hot showers: with these simple tips, a gorgeous mane is closer than you think.


In the morning you put on a nice outfit, polish your shoes and care for your complexion with a good cream, but how much attention are you paying to your hair? For a lot of people, this ranks rather low on their priority list. Which is a shame, because shiny and healthy hair truly completes your well-groomed look. And did you know that your hair also mirrors your internal health?


When you take good care of yourself, this influences the look and feel of your hair. It also works in the opposite direction: stress can cause hair loss, make hair brittle, or give you a dry scalp. According to the Ayurvedic health system, healthy hair is even a sign of strong bones and a good metabolism. A good shampoo is definitely the basis, but there’s plenty you can do alongside this for more beautiful hair.


1. Massage your scalp and hair with a natural oil

Massaging oil into your hair and scalp not only creates shiny strands, it’s also a calming weekend routine. A head massage stimulates circulation, which helps your hair grow better. If desired, first warm up the oil. Divide it over your hair and massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Wait 30 minutes to let the oil become fully absorbed, then thoroughly wash it out with shampoo first and follow up with water.


2. Use a hair mask

Could your hair use a little something extra? Applying a hair mask once a week is a great idea. These offer solutions to dry, damaged, colour-treated or frizzy hair. Choose a hair mask that suits your hair’s particular needs. Let it sit for at least 2 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly for silky-soft locks.


3. Nourish your hair from the inside out

According to Ayurveda, healthy hair is a sign of healthy tissue. So, food that is good for healthy bones is also good for your hair. Your hair, just like the rest your body, benefits from drinking enough water. Alongside this advice, you should add the following to your grocery list as much as possible: green vegetables like kale and spinach, coconut water, and walnuts and sesame seeds to ensure you’re getting enough good fat. Try to avoid food that is fermented, too sharp, too acidic or too salty. Ayurvedic wisdom also says there’s a direct connection between good intestinal flora and your hair, so probiotics—which you can get from food or supplements—are also hair-friendly.


4. Watch out with warmth

Showering with very warm water, blow drying on a high heat setting or using a hair straightener: these things may feel nice, but they’re very bad for your hair. Namely, they dry your hair out and make it appear dull. When rinsing shampoo from your hair, it’s best to use lukewarm water. Cold showers may sound terrible, but they’re good for your circulation and immune system, and work like a Wim Hof Method for your hair. When you wash your hair with cold water, this closes the cuticles better and keeps your hair from looking dull or frizzy.



5. Choose a good shampoo 

In order to find a shampoo that best suits your hair, you need to pay attention to its ingredients. For example, argan oil and eucalyptus are known to provide volume and gloss, and a sensitive scalp needs a shampoo that is both mild and hydrating.


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