How to slow down without feeling sluggish: 6 tips

This is a time for picnics under the trees and long walks in the park, glorious stretches of doing nothing and enjoying the slow pace of summer. If only there wasn’t an actual side-effect to shifting down a gear and taking it easy – despite the sunshine, you may feel sluggish and low on energy. Here’s how you can tap into the energising powers of the sunny weather and stay balanced during the summer months.


1. Start your day with light exercise

We get it—the sweltering summer heat makes you want to skip your fitness regime. But a workout is actually one of the best ways to feel more energised. It increases blood flow, sharpens focus, and boosts happiness. Because of the cooler temperatures and the beautiful morning light, the dawn hours are the best time to get moving in summer. You don’t need a high-intensity workout to enjoy the energising benefits of physical activity. Rise with the sun and start your day with light exercise—whether it’s gentle yoga, a nice walk, or an early-morning bike ride.


2. Stay hydrated

If you’re having trouble staying awake when temperatures rise, don’t be too quick to chalk it up to a lack of sleep. Your sleepiness could be caused by a different reason: dehydration. Our bodies combat the heat and cool down by sweating, and if you don’t replenish those lost fluids, you’re prone to heat exhaustion. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day ­– don't wait until you’re thirsty. By carrying a reusable water bottle with you at all times, you always have some H2O to sip on. If you’re a person who needs a gentle reminder every now and then, there are plenty of handy apps out there that will help you keep track during the day.


3. Eat cooling foods

When things heat up outside, it’s important to help your body stay balanced by eating foods that cool you down. Go for easy-to-digest foods with hydrating powers. Some of the best summer foods are leafy greens, cucumber, coconut, zucchini, watermelon, mango and cilantro. And to keep your metabolism running strong, it’s best to eat small portions throughout the day.


4. Take a warm bath

Taking a steamy hot bath probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to stay cool and energised on warm days. A cold shower to cool off may seem like a more obvious choice, but a cold shower only cools your skin – not your core. Soaking in a warm tub allows your body to release internal heat. A warm bath cools your body’s core temperature, leaving you better able to withstand the heat.


5. Make meditation part of your summer routine

Meditation both recharges and relaxes you. Meditating in summer can help you slow down and enjoy the easy pace of life, while also boosting your energy levels. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate meditation into your summer routines. You can start simple with a walking meditation – walk along the beach, in the woods or simply through your neighbourhood, and really take in the sights, scents and sounds around you. Want to take it up a notch? Download the Rituals app on your mobile device and take it with you into the garden or to a quiet nature spot nearby your home. Pick one of the many guided meditation videos by one of our experts, and get your summer meditation on!


6. Sleep

Sufficient sleep is essential to feeling refreshed and energised, especially when your body is working overtime to keep you cool. But getting a good night’s rest on sweltering summer nights can be quite a challenge. A bath or a shower before bed, cool sheets and breathable nightwear can make sleeping in the heat more comfortable. Another thing to keep in mind is that what you do during the day affects your night. Spending time outdoors and getting enough exercise, for example, can help you sleep better. For more hot weather sleeping tips, check out this Rituals Magazine article. Sweet summer dreams!



Bonus tip:

Keeping dry and smelling fragrant in the heat is hard, especially if you’re trying to keep your energy up by staying active. Choose an anti-perspirant with a fresh fragrance to help rejuvenate the senses and keep you energised all day long. For example, The Ritual of Karma anti-perspirant spray is not just a great choice for its signature scent, it also masks body odours completely and surrounds you with positivity 24/7.