Mindfulness for teens: a guided meditation to get started

We all know by now that mindfulness is not reserved for long-bearded gurus sitting cross-legged on a faraway mountaintop. For teens, mindfulness can be a powerful tool in many day-to-day circumstances—from dealing with the stresses of school to calming your nerves before a driving test. To help you get started, expert Stella Blu created a simple guided body scan meditation that will calm & de-stress you in just a few minutes. 


Stress is part of any teen’s life, but it doesn’t have to get you down. Meditation is a great way to make sure stress and pressure don’t dictate the experience of your teenage years. Not sure how to get started? A body scan is the perfect exercise if you’re looking for a simple and quick way to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.


By bringing attention to different parts of your body, this simple mindfulness technique helps you release tension and bring your body & mind into a deeply relaxed state. If you practice this regularly, you will quickly find yourself becoming less bothered by the everyday stresses of school, work, social life and dating troubles.


Want to give it a try? Press play and let Stella’s voice guide you through a 6-minute journey to calm and serenity.





Stella Blu

Stella Blu

An aspiring dancer, artist and mindfulness practitioner, Stella Blu loves to express her creativity in many ways. As she explores the world of spirituality, she inspires other teenagers to live more mindfully through meditation.