5 Tips to help you discover your passions

Remember the last time you felt passionate about a person or thing, when you were drawn towards it, your heart beating faster, excited, and eager to learn more. Imagine if you could feel that way every day?


Passion is the emotion that drives you to fulfil your purpose, and you find your purpose by reconnecting with your soul, your intricate true self.



In an ideal world, we would all be incredibly passionate about our jobs, and while some of us are lucky enough to be on a career path that's exciting and rewarding, that's not the case for everyone. Changing a career is not as easy as flicking a switch, but you can start to introduce passions into your current job or your spare time. If you can devote just a couple of hours a week to your desires, you'll feel happy and more content with other areas of your life.

As part of the Rituals Happiness Challenge, today's exercise is all about visualising your passions, but not all of us know what our true passions are. Below we're sharing 3 tools you can use to prime your brain so you can discover what you're really passionate about and carve out a path to your true purpose, plus a simple happiness task to do today. 


Get to know yourself 

Take the time to get closer to the real you, your soul, because this is where your passions and purpose emerge. It's not always easy to see who you are, here we reveal how to find your authentic self, but you can also ask yourself this one simple question: If you could only read books on one subject for the rest of the year, what would they be about? This question should give you some idea of what you're passionate about, or at least give you a starting point. 


Think back 

We talk so much about the positive power of living in the moment, but sometimes it's worth taking a trip down memory lane. When you were a child, what were the subjects at school or the hobbies that you loved? Sometimes these can offer clues as to what you might want to do today that you can be passionate about. Know this: You don't have to be great at something or make money from it for it to be your passion. In an ideal world, our career and whole life purpose would be our passion, but sometimes having hobbies we love is enough. 


Meet someone that excites you 

We all have that one friend (more, if we're lucky) that inspires us. After meeting with them, you always feel super motivated, like you can take on the world. If you're feeling a bit lost when it comes to identifying your passions, look to the people who know your best for help. Often, those around you can see you more clearly than yourself.


Visualisation is a powerful thing. Today, find pictures that symbolise three things that you have always wanted to do in life, the things that get you excited and make your heart beat that bit faster. They can be anything: the book you've always wanted to write, the journey you've always wanted to make, or that art course you've always wanted to take. Place these pictures on your bathroom mirror or fridge so they give you a daily reminder to take action and pursue your passions. 


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