Soul School: Learn all about breathwork and how to do it

Expert Niraj Naik shares everything you need to know about the incredible stress-relieving benefits of breathing and how to do it right 


Niraj Naik is a pharmacist turned holistic coach and breathwork expert. If you’ve been to the Mind Oasis in House of Rituals, our flagship store in Amsterdam, you may well have experienced one of Niraj’s guided breathwork meditations. In our first-ever Soul School, Niraj leads the lesson revealing all the basics you need to know about breathwork.  


The benefits of breathwork 


In the class, Niraj shares the benefits of breathwork, from physical benefits like oxygenating the body and boosting energy to mental benefits, such as helping to relieve anxiety and stress. Of course, we breathe every day but breathwork is about conscious and considered breathing at a slow pace, extending the inhales and exhales to improve overall wellbeing. In our video, Niraj shares everything you need to know plus some simple guided exercises you can try straight away. 


The class is split into 6 short lessons: 


1. What’s the big deal about breathwork?  
Here Niraj reveals why breathwork is so important and how it differs from regular breathing. 


2. The key benefits of breathwork 
In this section, you’ll discover the incredible wellbeing benefits of breathwork for body and mind. 


3. The key techniques 
At this point, Niraj reveals the key techniques to know so you can easily incorporate breathwork into your day (spoiler: it’s free, easy and you can do it anywhere). 


4. Practical: Breathwork exercise 
Here Niraj takes you through a guided breathwork exercise so you can experience the fast-acting benefits for yourself. 


5. Why breathing isn’t as simple as you think 
Niraj delves into the reasons why we need conscious breathing (read: breathwork) to help us survive the stresses of modern living.  


6. The origins of breathwork 

Finally, Niraj wraps up the class by delving into the origins of breathwork. 


And, of course, it wouldn’t be school without homework. But, trust us, this is the sort of homework you will want to do. Niraj shares 3 quick and easy ways to incorporate breathwork into your day, every day so you can reap the benefits of breathing anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for, class is in session... 


Below Niraj takes you through a guided breathwork exercise specially created to relieve anxiety. Try it today!