Explore the Energy and Joy of The Ritual of Happy Buddha

Did you know that the very act of smiling on the outside can make us happy on the inside? A smile triggers endorphins (the body’s natural feel-good chemicals) in our brain, which then lowers our stress levels and brings us joy one of the most infectious emotions of all. What could be better for the body and soul than spreading our very own sunshine to those around us? Can you remember the last time you laughed out loud? We suggest that you start with a smile and take it from there. It costs nothing, keeps you feeling positive, and is such a powerful antidote to the stresses and seriousness of our lives.


Buddha: the laughing legend behind the collection

The Buddha was an eccentric monk who existed in China 1100 years ago; his legendary, cheeky smile brought happiness wherever he went. He’s also the inspiration for our collection of energizing products that celebrate positivity. Following the joyous lead of the Happy Buddha, we hope this energizing collection brings you optimism, happiness and perhaps even a little luck.


Celebrate life with The Ritual of Happy Buddha and bring some bliss to yourself and those around you. It’s just a matter of lightening up and letting ourselves go. Remember – life’s better when you’re laughing!


Radiate boundless love towards the entire world.


Brighten your day with Happy Buddha

Sweet orange is both uplifting and calming, naturally enhancing your mood. Combined with the stimulating warmth of cedarwood, this joyous collection will bring lightness and zest to your body and soul. Containing nurturing ingredients such as beautifully softening plant oils and organic sugar, we know this energizing collection will bring a smile to your face each day. Here’s how:


1. Energise your skin and make it happy by exfoliating it with the body scrub once a week.

2. The brand new dry oil is suitable for both body and hair, bringing you joy from head to toe.

3. Soften and scent your skin and boost your mood all day with ultra-nourishing body cream.

4. For sensational softness, massage the shower oil into your skin to nourish and nurture it.

5. Also new to the collection: use the hair and body mist when you need an energising spritz of joy.

6. With its energising scent, the foaming shower gel turns into a rich foam, bringing a burst of delight to your cleansing routine.