An inspiring mandala yoga flow that will challenge body and mind

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or relatively new, you probably know that yoga comes in many forms. While some are calming and reflective, others definitely keep your heart pumping throughout the class. One playful style to try is a mandala yoga flow (also called a circular yoga flow). It's active, it demands your attention, and it’s a whole lot of fun. If your yoga practice feels stagnant lately and you want to shake things up a bit, I think you’ll love this mandala flow.


What is a mandala flow?

Both in Hinduism and Buddhism, the mandala is an ancient spiritual symbol in the shape of a diagram that represents ‘wholeness’. In yoga, a mandala-style flow draws upon this wholeness and shape to create a dynamic sequence that has you moving around your mat in a circular pattern, much like the shape of a mandala itself. It can require a lot of focus and stamina as you’ll be constantly changing asanas - better known as ‘postures’ - though there are slower-paced and more gentle flows, too.


The benefits

It’s not only fun but practicing a mandala flow has some great benefits for your mind and body. Since it’s not your standard yoga flow, it helps you to break out of your usual routine. Secondly it challenges your body awareness and coordination because you really have to focus. You will definitely benefit from this flow because it works your mind and body. Chances are you’ll feel more creative after this session, that’s because mandala yoga has the power to inspire you to think outside the box in stepping off and around the mat. Last but not least, you will increase stamina and flexibility. Now, let’s get our heart rates up by doing this energetic flow together!

Mandy Snijder

Mandy Snijder

From the moment she first stepped onto the mat, Mandy Snijder fell in love with yoga. Her love grew stronger during her Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in India and she has been teaching yoga ever since. Mandy teaches Vinyasa, Power, Hot and Yin yoga. If you want to join her classes, pay a visit to Balanzs in Rotterdam. This kind-hearted and passionate yogi has a profound interest in personal development and spiritual growth, and she is always looking for ways to deepen her practice. Mandy feels happiest being surrounded by nature, dancing or when travelling to a beautiful destination. Another place you can find her often? At the gym or on her Rocycle bike.