Make it mindful: Try this meditation when wrapping gifts

Whether you find happiness in the midst of gift wrap and ribbons or it feels like a chore, why not turn it into a moment of wellbeing with this meditation?

Some people are gifted at wrapping presents - precision folds, neat bows and beautifully written tags. Other people find the whole thing a stressful and unwanted arts and crafts project that leaves you red in the face and covered in bits of sticky tape, with a gift that looks like a dog’s dinner, so much so that when you offer up the gift you find yourself saying something like “it’s the thought that counts!”


Whether you love wrapping presents or dread the annual chore, why not make it a mindful moment this year with our guided gift-wrapping meditation? The holidays can be fun and exciting but also hectic and stressful, so turn gift wrapping into a moment of calm, one where you can focus on your breath and truly be in the moment.


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