How to do a quick, energising, body massage

From stimulating your scalp to your kidneys, these simple and easy massage techniques will get energy flowing through your whole body.


While we may often think of energy as something that’s just abstractedly happening and out of our control, we are able to give it a bit of a kickstart. And that’s particularly true when talking about energy in relation to our skin and is why at-home massage is so key as skincare and massage expert, Hélène Notebaert explains. “I often make the following comparison: imagine a pool of stagnant water, you know that over time this water becomes murky and smelly whereas a mountain stream that has a lot of movement stays clear, fresh and is a source of life. This is the same with massage. It brings movement and energy to the skin and to the body.”  


And the benefits of body massage are countless. From improving circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, reducing muscle and stress tension and improving skin tone. Notebart recommends trying to book in with a professional for a full body massage every four weeks and incorporating five to ten minutes of at-home body massage one to three times a week.  


So why not start right now? Follow the video below to learn three energising massage moves to get your body feeling alive and ready to go. For the ultimate energising body massage, use The Ritual of Karma body lotion mousse. 


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