A fun, energy-boosting, workout you can do anywhere

Supercharge your day with this short, power-packed, session created by trainer Alcides Jackson and designed to give you that shot of endorphins you need 


We all know when we expend some physical energy, good things happen. From strengthening muscles and bones to improving overall health. Not to mention the benefits it has on improving mental health, energy levels and maintaining a healthy weight. 


One of the key elements of keeping energy levels balanced is exercising consistently as personal trainer, Alcides Jackson explains. “Regular exercise will keep your energy levels strong. To make sure you stick with it I believe you should plan your exercise. Have it fully scheduled in your diary for at least three days every week and commit to it.” He also recommends not over-doing exercise as that can deplete energy supplies. “Five days a week is more than enough and on the days you haven't booked in a fitness class or a specific workout, do whatever you want. A short 15-minute walk outside or just some gentle stretching when it feels harder to move. But do something that gets the stiffness out and keeps your mood up.” 


With that in mind we got Alcides to put together a short workout for the days when you don’t feel like heading to the gym. It's been designed to boost your energy levels and give you that push of energy you need to navigate your day on a high.  


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Lets get moving! 


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