Fake awake any time with these facial massage moves​

Looking tired? Want a quick fix for a late or sleepless night? Look no further than these 3 easy massage moves that maximise the energy flow for ultimate glow. 


We all know that spending even just a few minutes massaging our skin can only do good things, but whether it's through time constraints or not knowing the best practice it’s something that many of us don’t make time for. But it should be because it doesn’t need to be overly complicated and, in fact, is something that will boost the efficacy of the skincare you’re already spending time applying.  


“I’m a great believer in using good skincare with effective actives but facial massage can go that little bit further, making the two combined a dream pairing,” explains skincare and massage expert, Hélène Notebaert. “Facial massage stimulates blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, helping the body to eliminate toxins. It promotes muscle and skin tone making us look more rested and energetic. And when done on a regular basis, for a few minutes as part of your daily skincare routine you will garner noticeable results.”  


Let’s get started immediately. Watch the short video below to learn three easy facial massage moves that will make your skin look energised and wide awake instantly.  


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