We take a holistic approach when selecting our ingredients, packaging, materials and fabrics, taking multiple aspects into account to make actual sustainable choices. Reducing the environmental impact of our business is key to us and is constantly on our minds. To do so, we measure, monitor and initiate improved practices throughout the company, from packaging & ingredients to operations, and supply chain.


With every product we develop, we work to create packaging that is optimally fit for purpose in terms of functionality, the use of the resources, waste reduction and the environmental impact. We’re committed to realising our goal of zero-waste packaging by 2025; meaning all our products will be either refillable, recyclable and/or made from recycled material. Next to that, we follow the principles of the 3 Rs: Refill, Reduce, Recycle.


Continue to have those beautiful, luxury jars in the bathroom, while being conscious of the planet too.


Reducing the amount of material needed where possible. Our refill concepts help us to save even more.


Constantly working on our packaging to improve recyclability and increase the amount of recycled materials used.


All of our packaging is assessed by The LCA Centre, according to the forensic life-cycle assessment (LCA) method. This helps us to understand the environmental impact of our current and future packaging solutions and possible alternatives, and to make rational decisions on all materials that we use.


Our Refill Collection

Fewer materials, less waste, better for the planet. Find how much they reduce below.*

*These savings are based on the usage of five refills on one original product packaging. For the car perfume this is based on using one refill packaging. This is external verified research conducted by the LCA Centre.

Body cream

Body cream

CO2 | 66%
ENERGY | 56%
WATER | 26%

Fragrance sticks

Fragrance sticks

CO2 | 42%
ENERGY | 55%
WATER | 60%



CO2 | 74%
ENERGY | 69%
WATER | 75%

Hand wash

Hand wash

CO2 | 61%
ENERGY | 66%
WATER | 75%

Car perfume

Car perfume

CO2 | 40%
ENERGY | 41%
WATER | 37%

Shave cream

Shave cream

CO2 | 62%
ENERGY | 60%
WATER | 36%

Men's care

Men's care

CO2 | 45%
ENERGY | 43%
WATER | 32%

Annual Reduction number 2020

Thanks to our loyal customers buying our eco friendly refill assortment, we significantly saved on water, waste,
energy and CO2e used. Find how much we saved in 2019 only.

Less water

We save 8.5 million litres.
3.4 full size Olympic swimming pools.

Less waste

272.682 kg
Less material used

Reduced CO2

We have saved the equivalent of 1411 return flights from Amsterdam - New York.

Less energy

We save the amount of energy equal to the annual use of 1.806 households.


In 2020, we introduced recycled PET plastic for our body creams, body scrubs, bath foams, shower oils and fragrance sprays. Our aim is to further increase the share of recycled materials in our product packaging.


Our iconic shower foam has a lightweight can that reduces the use of aluminium by 10%. Over the years, we have made our gift set packaging smaller and stopped using carton boxes for multiple products. These are perfect examples of how we work on both visible and invisible packaging reductions. And we won't stop here, we will keep on reducing the amount of materials we use.


At Rituals, we mainly work with specialised European partners for the manufacturing and distribution of our products. This means that besides paying attention to the sustainability efforts for our own stores & offices, we engage with our suppliers and distribution partners to reduce the impact of the production & distribution of our products.

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