Oriental Essences Rose de Shiraz


eau de parfum, 60 ml
Imagine a starry night sky above the curves of Persian rooftops and wander along the narrow streets that echo the sounds and aro ... Show more
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Rose Damascena

The rose is a symbol of beauty and purity. In perfumery, the origin of the Rose can be found in ancient Persian gardens. The Persians were the first to distillate Rose water. ´The name “Rose Damascena” refers to the city of Damascus, where Robert de Brie imported some specimens from the Crusades in 1254.


The ancient Romans imported rhubarb roots from unknown, barbarian lands. The first documented uses in western civilization are 2100 years ago when rhubarb roots were an ingredient in numerous Greek and Roman medicines.

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How to Use

Dab onto your pulse points, such as behind your ears, on your wrists, inside your elbows and at the bottom of your throat. Let the fragrance air dry, do not rub as this will change the scent.