Find Peace of Mind: Discover 6 Mindful Holiday Destinations in the USA

While you’re stuck behind a computer screen, every part of you is yearning to be in the sunshine, to go outside, and why not? Being out in nature is the ultimate physical and mental therapy. We’ve selected 7 places to help you reconnect with yourself and nature in unique and meaningful ways.


1. Blackberry Mountain, TN – Endless Panoramic Vistas

Stay. Enrich. Explore. Nourish. Those are the essential keywords for the Blackberry Mountain spa & resort. Sister to the famous Blackberry Farm, this gem is nestled in the misty and magical woods of the Great Smoky Mountains and offers a seamless blend of outdoor activities, wellness and meaningful indulgence. Enjoy luxury accommodation, saunas, a pool, a hot tub and two high-class restaurants - all with a view to match. Stimulate your mind and reset your outlook with mindful hiking, treetop meditation or forest bathing, relax with yoga and meditation or raise your heart rate with pilates, spinning, mountain biking, climbing and fitness.


“Immerse yourself in experiences crafted to nourish, enrich and promote self-discovery.” – Blackberry Mountain


2. Channel Islands, CA - The Galapagos of North America

These five islands off the coast of Southern California coast comprise one of America’s most remote and utterly magical national parks. Keep in mind that for some of the Channel Islands we truly do mean remote, as they can be hard to access, and visitors should come well-prepared in terms of nourishment and fitness. Kayak around Santa Cruz Island in search of the famous Painted Cave – the longest sea cave in North America – or hike around Scorpion Canyon to enjoy kelp forests, tide pools and gorgeous Pacific Ocean views and whale watching. Dock at Landing Cove on Anacapa Island for excellent scuba diving conditions or hike the remarkable coastline. Explore the Torrey Pines Forest on Santa Rosa and go snorkeling near Santa Barbara’s coastline to play with the sea lions. This adventure is as off the grid as you can go.


3. Red Mountain Resort, Ivins, UT – Wellness Embraced by Adventure

An award-winning resort, surrounded by astounding red and white Navajo sandstone cliffs and dynamic rock formations, the Red Mountain Resort is your go-to for relaxation, renewal and rediscovering your passion and yourself. Book one of their custom vacation packages - ranging from wellness to adventure, and anything in between – designed to boost your mood and physical health, leaving you feeling well rested, in touch with your inner spirit and re-energised.


4. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV – You Just Struck Hot Mineral Gold

Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, you’ve found the mineral hot spot closest to Las Vegas. Yes, there are more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs in Nevada, this is one you have to earn – making it that much more rewarding. Wear your sturdy shoes - it’s not an easy hike - and climb, trip and clamber for approximately two miles, including a 180 metre descent, towards a large pool surrounded by bubbling waterfalls. At 21 to 62 degrees, it’s important to dip your toe in first, but once you’re in it’s time to relax those muscles. Some of the pools there are deep enough to swim in and the amazing views are an homage to the name of the canyon.


If you’re still thinking about work and stresses during the hike and the hot mineral soak afterwards, then there’s no saving you.


5. Catskill Mountains, NY – Closer Than you Think

For the best weekend yoga retreats on the East Coast or to refresh your body, mind and spirit - the priceless seclusion of the Catskill Mountains is just what the doctor ordered. Whatever your endgame – relaxation, mindfulness, hiking, fine dining - you can find a resort or retreat that offers exactly what you’re looking for. For example, find total seclusion in a yurt at Harmony Hill Lodging and Retreat Center or book a personal retreat at Menla Retreat & Spa, located on a 325-acre estate in the Catskill Forest Preserve. For full immersion in nature, pack your tent, lounge chair and hiking boots and set up camp at one of the many, many campsites in the Great Northern Catskills, or stop at the glamping hub of the Green County, Old Catskill Game Farm.


6. Big Sur, CA – A Bucket List Favourite

“Let’s wander where WiFi is weak”, that about sums up the essence of Big Sur’s glamping experience Tree Bones Resort. Get in touch with yourself and the nature around you when spending the night in one of their yurts or reserve a spot on one of their yoga. These 90 miles of unforgettable coastline casts off this magical allure that draws people in from all over. Stop anywhere you like along the coast for spectacular views, hiking, mindfulness activities at Esalen Institute, whale or sea otter spotting and pitch your tent at one of the many campsites along Highway 1.


If you fancy a little more luxury while reconnecting with nature, or more relaxation, check out the Post Ranch Inn for wild mountain views and spa treatments, or the picturesque Ventana for its outdoor pools, hammocks, wine tastings and guided walks.


“[…] equal parts American legend and natural wonder, Big Sur is one of the most magical places on Earth.” – Ventana, Big Sur