How to wake up full of energy tomorrow, according to a sleep expert

Our sleep ambassador shares her top tips to ensure you get the best night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, restored and bursting with energy.


It’s not always the case that going to sleep at an acceptable time means you’re going to wake up with lots of energy. If the sleep you’re getting isn’t restorative then your energy levels aren’t going to have rebooted enough to power you through the following day. So how to wake up with energy? “I always say, a good night’s sleep starts in the morning,” says clinical psychologist and behavioural sleep expert, Dr. Shelby Harris and Rituals’ resident sleep ambassador for our Sleep Masterclass. “There are simple things you can weave into your daily routine that will help boost your energy levels when needed whilst also ensuring energy levels are lowered at the correct time of the day to help a good night’s sleep and enables you to wake up feeling more energised.” 


But remember, “it’s unrealistic to feel energetic all day long,” says Dr. Shelby, so don’t be too hard on yourself. “When you wake up your energy will slowly start to build and throughout the day you will have peak levels of alertness and energy, but you will have dips too especially after meals. It’s really important to accept that you will fatigue here and there, and that is completely normal. If, however, you are routinely lacking in energy even after a seemingly good night’s sleep then there may be something else happening and you should go and see your doctor.” 


Here are Dr. Harris' top AM and PM tips to wake up with energy. 


Supercharge your morning 


1. Don’t linger in bed 

“Once you’ve woken up, give yourself five to ten minutes to stir but then get up and get on with things. Some people can immediately jump out of bed, but most people need time to get going. You should feel at your most energetic and productive three to four hours after waking. If you’re not then that’s a marker that you haven’t had enough sleep.”  


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2. Seek light and movement 

“Light and movement are key for lifting your energy in the morning and also throughout the day. As soon as you’re out of bed, open your curtains. If it’s still dark outside, switch the lights on. I workout first thing in the morning but if you can’t do that then a short 10-minute walk is good. And it’s imperative to keep moving throughout the day. If you are just stuck in the same place doing the same thing this will seriously and negatively affect your energy levels.” 


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3. Know when caffeine is friend or foe 

“We can’t feel energised all the time so sometimes, in the morning, a cup of coffee is the way to do it. But I tell people to stop their caffeine intake about 8 hours before bed. Some people may think they can tolerate a coffee late afternoon but the problem is it will artificially boost your energy levels, and while it may not affect your ability to fall asleep it will impact the quality.” 


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4. Take a power nap 

“Rest periods and mental breaks from work are essential for maintaining energy levels. And that’s when naps are great things. Especially if you want to manage your energy during the day because, done correctly, a nap can give you that quick energy recharge. The ideal time for a power nap is about 6 hours before your bedtime, for 20 minutes. Get into bed if you can and set a timer for 30 mins in total, allowing you some time to drift off. It can really help carry you through the afternoon and is far less damaging to your sleep and energy levels than a big cup of coffee.” 


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5. Plan a shower schedule  

“Naturally, a good sleeper’s body temperature will drop an hour or two before bed, it’s a signal the brain emits to tell your body to get ready to go to sleep. Not a great sleeper? You can encourage the signal by having a bath or shower one to two hours before bed. This will raise your body temperature so that it has to fall, which should then help with going to sleep and waking up with energy.” Try The Ritual of Jing sleep shower foam to scent your shower and skin with sleep-enhancing aromas of sandalwood and lavender. 


6. Correct bedtime snacks 

“Your body is not meant to digest a huge meal before bed. This is the time of the day when your body should be focusing on generating energy and recuperating not digesting. However, going to bed hungry can keep you awake. If needs to be, stave off hunger with a light snack that’s a mix of carbohydrates and protein and eat it an hour before bed. A cracker with cheese or slices of apple or banana dipped in nut butter are great options.”  


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