Rituals Gift Cards
1. The Rituals Gift Card (“Rituals Gift Card”) is available in our stores1, via our web-shop (website and mobile app) and at selected third parties. Rituals Gift Cards purchased online can only be delivered to countries where we have stores.

2. In certain countries2 an electronic version of the Rituals Gift Card is available (“Rituals Online Gift Card”) via our web-shop (website and mobile app).

3. Both the Rituals Gift Card and Rituals Online Gift Card (together: “Rituals (Online) Gift Card”) are available in the following currencies and values:

a. The Rituals Gift Card in store: EU (Euro 10 - 250), GB (GBP 10 - 250), DK (KR 100 - 2500), NO, SE (KR 100 – 2,000), HKD (100 - 1,000), PLN (40-1,100), SFR (10-250).
b. The Rituals Gift Card via web-shop: (Euro 10 - 100), GB (GBP 10 - 100), DK (KR 100 - 750), NO, SE (KR 100 – 1,000), SFR (10-100), HKD (100 - 1,000).
c. The Rituals Online Gift Card: EU (Euro 10 - 200), GB (GBP 15 - 200), NO, SE (KR 150 – 2,000), DK (KR 100-750), SFR (10-100).

Additional value cannot be added to a Rituals Gift Card.

4. After purchase, the value of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card balance can be checked in 3 ways:

a. using the gift card balance checker.
b. at one of our stores; or
c. by downloading the Rituals app and adding the Rituals Gift Card by clicking on 'my gift cards' in the menu and after filling in the gift card information and adding the applicable Rituals Gift Card.


5. The Rituals Online Gift Card can be sent via e-mail, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. All such (third) parties process personal data in accordance with their privacy policy. Please familiarize yourself with such terms before continuing with these options. If we send an email to the recipient with the Rituals Online Gift Card we shall always disclose the personal details of the person who purchased it.

6. If you are the recipient of the Rituals Online Gift Card via e-mail:

a. Rituals has received your e-mail address from the person who purchased the Rituals Online Gift Card. Rituals processes your personal data in accordance with its privacy policy, available here. Rituals only uses your e-mail address to send you the Rituals Online Gift Card.
b. To exercise your rights under the GDPR, please see below in art. 25. Rituals shall process such request accordingly in accordance with the applicable laws.

7. If you are the purchaser of the Rituals Online Gift Card:

a. After payment of the Rituals Online Gift Card, you can provide the e-mail address of the recipient of the Rituals Online Gift Card. By doing so, you acknowledge that you have provided the recipient of the Rituals Online Gift Card with information as to processing of its personal data in accordance with our privacy policy, available here, in order for Rituals to fulfil the delivery of the purchase made.
b. You may choose the date and time of when you would like Rituals to send the Rituals Online Gift Card up to a maximum of 12 months upfront. Rituals is obliged to deliver the Rituals Online Gift Card without any defects.

Personalizing your Rituals Online Gift Card:

8. In your country, Rituals may offer the option to personalize your Rituals Online Gift Card via the Rituals website, (such as, but not limited to, personalization by means of uploading and usage of a picture, video, GIF or other file (hereinafter: ‘Image Material’). Rituals works together with third parties to provide you with such service, which third parties work on our behalf, as you can read further in the Rituals Privacy Policy.

9. By uploading the Image Material, you confirm to be entitled to distribute and reproduce the content and material of those files. Due to the automated process of the fabrication no manual testing or correction of the Image Material shall take place by Rituals or any third party contracted by Rituals.

10. By uploading the Image Material, you grant Rituals a non-exclusive, neither limited in time or place right to use the Image Material for the production and distribution of the Rituals Online Gift Card and to carry out the necessary acts of use and exploitation for this purpose by itself or by third parties.

11. By uploading the Image Materials, you are solely responsible for the submitted content used for the configuration of the Rituals Online Gift Card. You ensure that the used Image Material is free of third-parties rights. Unlawful content or content that violates applicable regulations or content that is eligible to insult, defame, harass or otherwise harm other individuals, is not admissible. In case of violations thereof Rituals reserves its right to delete the Image Material and decline the supply of the credit of the Rituals Online Gift Card, reimbursing only the credit amount as well as the product cost withholding the Rituals Online Gift Card instead. You agree not to upload, forward, send via email or otherwise transmit Image Material containing software viruses or other computer codes, files or programs that are able to interrupt, destroy or restrain the functionality of computer software or hardware or telecommunication devices. You indemnify and shall hold Rituals fully harmless from any third party claim or damage incurred as a consequence of the Rituals Online Gift Card being issued with faulty Image Material.

12. Rituals is entitled, but not obligated, to review the legality of the Image Material provided by you when you uploaded Image Material. Insofar Rituals considers the Image Material to violate applicable law or these terms of use, Rituals is entitled to delete this Image Material without prior notice.

13. The Image Material provided by you will be made available by Rituals on the Rituals Online Gift Card until the Rituals Online Gift Card has been completely redeemed, however in any event no longer than 12 months after receiving the Rituals Online Gift Card by recipient, after which the personalized Image Material shall be replaced by a standard Rituals image and the Image Material will be deleted by Rituals.

Redeeming Rituals (Online) Gift Card

14. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card can only be redeemed in countries3 which have the same currency as the country in which the Rituals (Online) Gift Card has been purchased , and reflects a value equal to the amount in such currency as stated on the Rituals (Online) Gift Card. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card can be redeemed via the official Rituals stores and the official Rituals website and mobile app. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card cannot be used at our wholesale partners or shop-in-shop locations. For a list of our stores, please take a look at our online store locator.

15. Subject to the restrictions referred to in these Terms and Conditions or any successor terms the Rituals (Online) Gift Card can be redeemed for products and/or services up to the value of the amount loaded on it. Purchase values will be deducted from the Rituals (Online) Gift Card balance until the value reaches zero. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card has no expiry date. Remnant amounts remain valid indefinitely. No service or dormancy fees will be charged.

16. If the total value of the products and/or services purchased exceeds the amount that is on the Rituals (Online) Gift Card, the remaining balance for such products can be paid via any other accepted method of payment.

17. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card is not redeemable for cash, except as required by law, and is not reloadable (except in case of returns as set out below). Except if required by law and explicitly stated in these terms Rituals will not refund the remaining balance on the gift card in cash / via bank transfer. Lost or stolen cards will not be honored or replaced. Rituals is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards or unauthorized use caused solely by the cardholder's act or omission.

18. All refunds of products or services purchased with Rituals (Online) Gift Card will be made in accordance with Rituals’ refund policy; see in store or online for details. If Rituals accepts your return of a Rituals product that you have purchased by means of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card, Rituals will reimburse the concerned amount to such Rituals (Online) Gift Card only (no re-imbursement in cash, except if required by local law). Rituals therefore recommends you to retain your Rituals (Online) Gift Card until the return in which you may return your products has lapsed. This does not affect your statutory rights. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card is not an electronic payment instrument within the meaning of the applicable law, not a cheque, guarantee, credit or nor a charge card. The Rituals (Online) Gift Card is an electronic form of a voucher.

19. The use of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card may be restricted with certain promotional offers. These restrictions will be expressly set forth for each promotional offer concerned.


20. Rituals reserves the right to change these terms of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card a.o. to reflect changes in the law or meet regulatory requirements by notifying the changes via our web shop, on our mobile app and in our stores. Applicable updated version of the terms of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card will be available at all times in our stores or at our web shop.

Right of withdrawal

21. If for whatever reason you don’t want to use the Rituals (Online) Gift Card you have purchased at our web shop or on our mobile app, you may exercise your statutory right of withdrawal. You can invoke your right of withdrawal by informing us that you don’t want to use the Rituals (Online) Gift Card within 14 calendar days after the delivery of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card to you or the recipient. To exercise your right of withdrawal, please follow the instructions online.

22. If you use your right of withdrawal, we will immediately block your Rituals (Online) Gift Card. We shall reimburse to you all payments received, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal. If the Rituals (Online) Gift Card has already been used, you are not entitled to use your right of withdrawal.

Rights under GDPR

23. To exercise your rights as stipulated under the GDPR, such as the right of access or deletion, please follow the instructions as stipulated in art. 9 of The Rituals Privacy Policy.

Choice of law and jurisdiction

24. Except where prohibited and without limitation to any statutory rights more favourable for consumers, any dispute between you and Rituals shall be governed in all respects by Dutch law and all disputes, claims and legal proceedings directly or indirectly arising out of or relating to the purchase or use of the Rituals (Online) Gift Card shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively in the competent courts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In any case, in your quality as consumer you may decide, at your election, to refer the matter to the court of the place where you are domiciled or resident.

25. Please note that the European Commission manages an Online Dispute Resolution website http://ec.europa.eu/odr/ dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court, including cross-border disputes.

About us

26. The Rituals Gift Card is issued by: Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise B.V., Keizersgracht 683, 1017 DV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered in the Commercial Register of the Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce under the number 34136394, VAT number NL8092.15.160.B01, telephone number +31 (0)20 2415948, email address: ConsumerCare@rituals.com.

1In participating countries only / as per August 1st 2021 and uptime: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland and Italy.

2In participating countries only, as per August 1st 2020 and uptime the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland.

3Giftcards in HKD can only be redeemed in Hongkong.