Private Collection Cotton Blossom Fragrance Sticks Refill


refill luxurious fragrance sticks, 1000 ml
Continue to enjoy the scent of fresh and powdery cottom blossom with this luxurious refill for our Private Collection or luxury ... Show more


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Cotton Flower

The cotton flower evokes a sense of fresh, natural surroundings – for ultimate peace of mind. It’s no surprise this delicate, soft, and powdery fragrance provides a calming and tranquil touch. Meant to cherish the people closest to you, and in some cultures this stunning flower even symbolises a promise of wealth and wellbeing.

How to Use

Refill your Private Collection bottle or Luxury Fragrance Sticks Holder. Insert new sticks into the fragrance bottle to absorb the oil. Allow the fragrance to fill your room naturally. Please wash your hands afterwards with water and soap.