Why Colour May Be the Secret to a Good Mood

Colour, like features, follow the changes of the emotions

Pablo Picasso

Colour is a powerful way to convey a feeling or message. For example, we often associate warm colours with passion, joy, strength and energy. Red gets us into a state of alertness, while cool colours such as blue and green help us feel more relaxed and at ease.

Modern science

The extraordinary effect that colours can have on our emotional state has been researched in many ways. In 2014, scientists found that colour affects our perception of taste and smell. It was previously thought that only people with synesthesia strongly experience this connection. But from the 2014 study, it became clear that people who do not have synesthesia also experience intense multi-sensory associations when being shown different colours. For example, the colours pink and red evoked a fruity, sweet scent and taste in the test subjects, and they reported noticing a soapy fragrance when asked to look at light pastel colours. Even more remarkable is the fact that colours can affect your overall well-being, in particular, your mood.

The power of colour

In Eastern culture, many believe that chakras are related to a specific colour or combination of colours and that these colours can affect the health of a particular organ or part of the body. Colour therapy has traditionally been used to combat insomnia, depression, digestive problems and other ailments. When American physician Harry Riley Spitler discovered that showing his patients different colours could have a positive effect on their well-being, colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, started becoming more and more popular in the West. Read more on the impact of different colours on your mood below and find out which colour to use for your bedroom walls.

Five colours and the effect they have on your mind


This warm colour symbolises social communication, cheerfulness, power, energy, creativity and optimism. It’s even considered sacred in India. Orange is associated with movement and progress on an emotional, a spiritual and even a physical level since it is said to give your brain a boost. Best to keep a bowl of oranges on your desk at all times.



Yellow is connected to our cognitive abilities, our creativity and our imagination. Often associated with the sun and the warm generosity of its light, yellow is undeniably one of the most vibrant colours, capable of creating a cheerful, positive atmosphere.


Red is a warm, intense colour and is associated with passion and attractiveness.

It’s also known to make you feel more active and alert. According to Jean-Gabriel Causse, a French colour expert, you should even wear red sportswear when you could use the extra motivation to get yourself off the couch.


In Buddhism, blue represents wisdom and intelligence. Blue is also known for creating a sense of trust and security. It is said to evoke calmness and inner peace, making it the perfect colour to paint your bedroom walls.


Green represents growth and positive energy. It can have a healing effect on an emotional level and is even used in chromotherapy to prevent depression. Since the colour green is strongly linked to both nature and our health, go for a walk in the forest for an instant pick-me-up, try soulful gardening or get lots of houseplants to create a lively home environment.

For a fresh start, add colour

Not only do different colours have a different effect, but the concept of colour in itself can also have a deeper meaning. Did you know that in India, colours are used as a symbol of a new start? During the Festival of Colours, an ancient Indian tradition also known as Holi, Hindus celebrate the end of winter and welcome spring. Coloured powder is thrown in the air and covers the people in the streets. Not only is it a way to honour spring’s abundance of colours, but it is also believed the colours symbolise the victory of all that is good and beautiful over old sorrow. By throwing the colours in the air, you are letting go of regrets and starting anew. Of course, every person in the street soon becomes a canvas of colours, literally making life itself more colourful.


Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering

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