Refresh yourself with this Pitta yoga sequence

If your dominant dosha type is Pitta then your balancing elements are fire and water. You’re a natural born yoga fanatic, and your skills and techniques will most likely grab the attention of others. In your case it becomes important not to lose sight of the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Laura will help you maintain that focus by explaining which yoga poses are most appropriate for your dosha type. We recommend doing this class at the end of the day because it focusses on Yin; meaning it's all about winding down your body just before going to bed.




Laura van Ree

After following a Hatha teaching course in India, philosopher, model and yoga teacher Laura van Ree continues to grow within the realms of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. Recently she moved to Ibiza where she translates her view on life and way of living into yoga lessons. In her eyes, yoga is a positive outlet that adds discipline, well-being and tranquility to her daily routines