A beginner’s guide to the Lotus pose

As slowing down is a major part of yoga, this video is all about just one pose: The Lotus. This signature pose is known as one of the more advanced yoga poses and makes you feel grounded, stable and aware. An extremely powerful pose, especially for women. It is a wonderful example of a pose that unite mind, body, and spirit — one of the ultimate goals of yoga.

The Lotus is also a good pose for connecting to the root chakra. This chakra, located at the base of the spine, is ruled by emotions, creativity and intimacy. Life stressors in these areas become lodged in the hips, resulting in difficulty opening up - both literally and figuratively. The hips are where we store emotion – and working on hip-opening poses can release both physical and emotional tension. When we sit in Lotus, the base of the spine is pressed firmly into the mat. With this, we physically root ourselves into the earth and find a sense of grounding. Balancing the root chakra is about finding balance in life.




Laura van Ree

After following a Hatha teaching course in India, philosopher, model and yoga teacher Laura van Ree continues to grow within the realms of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. Recently she moved to Ibiza where she translates her view on life and way of living into yoga lessons. In her eyes, yoga is a positive outlet that adds discipline, well-being and tranquility to her daily routines