Sculpt your lower body with this Pilates workout

Looking to build strength and flexibility in your lower body? In this video class, expert Laura van Ree takes you through a sequence of feel-the-burn Pilates postures that will sculpt your legs & booty in under 30 minutes.


Because it doesn’t require anything more than yourself and a little determination, you can do this Pilates workout anywhere from your living room to your favourite outdoor spot. It incorporates booty-burning and leg-toning Pilates postures—such as lunges, leg lifts and powerful stretches—that will leave you looking and feeling your best.





Laura van Ree

After following a Hatha teaching course in India, philosopher, model and yoga teacher Laura van Ree continues to grow within the realms of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. Recently she moved to Ibiza where she translates her view on life and way of living into yoga lessons. In her eyes, yoga is a positive outlet that adds discipline, well-being and tranquility to her daily routines