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Beauty Advent Calendar with meaningful moments

Pay extra attention to the things that make your life better and consider the essential people in your life—Surprise family, friends, or yourself with a luxurious advent calendar filled with 24 meaningful moments. The Ritual of Advent calendar is more than a beauty advent calendar filled with luxurious gifts; it is a heartwarming way to pass happiness on to your loved ones. Enjoy a new moment of joy every day with this elegant advent calendar.

Discover Exclusive Beauty Advent Calendars

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This year, make it extraordinary with one of our exclusive beauty advent calendars. Discover each product above.

Christmas Body Care Gift Box

Who doesn't want to appear relaxed, mindful and happy at the table during the holidays? This is no longer a challenge but a given with our Christmas beauty box! We filled each beauty advent calendar with the most luscious products for pure relaxation in one's very own private spa.

The Advent calendar contents are perfect for the man and woman who want to get back to basics and be the best version of themselves at Christmas dinner. You will find it all in this Christmas beauty box, from fragrance products to luxury foaming shower and bath products. Surprise your loved one with the purest form of love: relaxation. Wouldn't you like to give that to everyone this holiday season?

Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

Of course, you could go for the regular take of the Advent calendar, but why would you when you can surprise someone with the gift of beauty? For these calendars, we kept in mind that beauty may appear on the outside but comes from within. Therefore, all products were carefully selected to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Because by achieving pure relaxation on the inside, it's the outside that benefits too.

Like every year, these beauty Advent calendars 2022 are sold out in no time. So make sure you order yours online before they sell out, or hurry to the shop to surprise the sweetest people around you with the finest holiday gift. With our beauty Christmas calendars, you have several options: the 2-D variant, which most closely resembles the original advent calendar, and then there is the 3-D version.

Delight with Pure Moments of Happiness

Surprise someone with not one, but 24 presents for some true delight this Christmas. With these beautiful Christmas Advent Calendars, you'll definitely bring a smile to someone's face. Its contents contain pure moments of happiness and bliss by nourishing the mind, body and spirit on so many levels.

This beauty product Advent calendar is perfect for anyone who wants or needs to give a little extra attention to themselves during this holiday season. So give your Advent calendar to the loved ones around you to start the busy holiday season fully recharged. Believe us: the person who receives your Advent calendar will undoubtedly be overjoyed.

Happy holidays!