Homme Refill Shaving Cream


refill shaving cream, 250 ml
Prevent irritation or cuts when shaving with a refill for your non-lathering shave cream. It creates a barrier of protection bet ... Show more

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97% natural origin

Non lathering

For all skin types

Ginseng + Hydra Complex

The perfect powerful weapon against dry skin. The Hydra Complex contains an effective combination of various natural moisturisers and aloe vera to quench, soothe, rebalance and protect your skin’s moisture levels. Added natural ginseng root means this complex also helps combat signs of early ageing of the skin.

How to Use

Take off the lid, remove the empty cannister and slide the refill into the holder. The empty cannister can be recycled. Tighten your cream cannister carefully and it's ready for use.

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