Mindful Packing: Make Room for What Matters

Preparing for your holiday can be fun, but also challenging—particularly when you’re trying to decide what to bring with you. There are so many factors to consider: luggage allowance, destination and mode of transportation, just to name a few. But don’t sweat what’s going into your suitcase… just follow these guidelines and know you have everything you need.


1. Be handy

Whenever possible, try to limit yourself to hand baggage. If you don’t check your bag, you can’t lose it. Even if you’re not flying into Paris, imagine how much easier it is to carry one small bag than to haul a huge suitcase up all those metro stairs.


2. Rolling is the new folding

This time-honoured packing technique just makes sense. Fold things in half, then roll them up rather than folding them into quarters, and you’ll notice a lot more room in your carry-on. 


3. Wear it out

Leave your house wearing the bulkiest clothing items so they won’t take up valuable space in your baggage. This will also make you think twice about outerwear: do you really need that thick wool coat in case the evenings get chilly in August?


4. You can do laundry in paradise

They’re not some magical device that lives in your home only—you can wash your clothes pretty much anywhere, so there’s no need to pack a different outfit for every day that you’re away.


5. Don’t bring what you can buy

This one will save you lots of space and it’s basically a no-brainer. Hitting the beach in Barcelona? We’re willing to bet they have all your temporarily needed supplies available in stores there, so don’t bother buying them at home and lugging them all the way there.

It’s a good idea to approach packing like you do other aspects of your life. Pause for a moment, be present, and be mindful of wants vs. needs. You’ll find that when you do this, you’ll be relaxed and ready to enjoy a wonderful change of scenery.