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From rich, floral to fresh or comforting, these luxurious candles, home sprays and diffusers are just what your home needs come the spring.

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Easter Bunny's Favourites

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Easter Bunny's Favourites

The Bestsellers

Treat yourself or someone you love to a taste of spring with our bestselling Easter gift sets.

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Private Collection, special gift set
The Ritual of Sakura, gift set L
The Ritual of Ayurveda, gift set L
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Limited Edition M'Gouna

M’Gouna is a complete home & body range featuring the Damascena rose. Available for a limited time only.

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A new season calls for a new spring perfume and we’ve got the best to suit any scent palette.

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Easter Gifts for Her

Discover all our Easter gifts for women. If you like to stand out with your gift ideas, go for an unusual Easter gift for her. You don't have to limit yourself to our Easter Eggs gift sets to surprise someone with a fresh start. In our collection, you'll find many more Easter gift ideas for her. Choose, for example, a delicate, new and ultra-soft bathrobe for ultimate relaxation on their next visit to the spa. Or give a luxury gift set: from a nice treat to a complete ceremony, with our gift boxes for her. This is the best way to usher in the spring together and give new ideas, possibilities and routines a perfect chance.

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Easter Gifts for Him

Looking for a luxurious Easter gift for a special gentleman in your life? Discover one of our Easter gifts for him, or give a gift card to let him choose a refreshing gift for himself. They can experience a product to their liking with one of our gift cards, and you can top up the value as high as you like. In our Easter gifts collection, you'll find scented diffuser sticks to once again fully immerse the house in luxury after your annual spring cleaning. Together with our scented candles for men, they will spread delicious, luxurious scents. They can also be used to decorate your Easter brunch table.

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The Quest of the Easter Eggs

Join us on a quest for hidden Easter Eggs. They are everywhere, waiting to be discovered and help you find happiness in the smallest things.
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Our Easter Bestsellers

The Ritual of Namaste, gift set S
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Limited Edition
M'Gouna, foaming shower gel, 200 ml
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Limited Edition
M'Gouna, fragrance sticks, 250 ml
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The Ritual of Sakura, hair & body mist, 50 ml
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Private Collection, mini luxurious fragrance sticks, 100 ml
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The Ritual of Mehr, body mousse-to-oil, 150 ml
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Private Collection, luxury home perfume spray, 500 ml
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Natural Origin
The Ritual of Namaste, anti-ageing day cream, 50 ml
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The Ritual of Hammam, black soap, 150 ml
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Private Collection, luxury scented candle, 360 gr
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Welcome the spring with the most beautiful luxury Easter gifts from RITUALS. With refreshing scents and caring products to help you relax and unwind. Because this Easter, you can pull out all the stops to pamper the people around you. Not by overwhelming them with chocolate but by offering them the ultimate moment of self-care. What better way to usher in spring than with so much positive energy? With our Easter Egg Gift Set, you have the perfect gift for this season: a routine that evokes renewed energy, fresh scents and a happy feeling.


The Ritual of Karma: Let positive vibes prevail with the sweet, floral aroma of lotus and the nourishing power of white tea. A fragrance that is wonderfully reflected in the soft foam of our shower gel (200 ml), the richly nourishing body cream (100 ml) and the sublime spray of the hair & body mist (50ml).

The Ritual of Sakura: This ceremony is perfect to start the spring by celebrating new beginnings. Enjoy life with the luxurious fragrances of rice milk and cherry blossom. Richly represented in the three gifts from this Easter Egg: the foaming shower gel (200 ml), the hand balm (70 ml) and the Fleurs de l'Himalaya travel eau de parfum (15 ml).

The Ritual of Mehr: There’s no other routine quite as reviving as this one. Give someone the gift of new energy with this Easter Egg’s contents: the l’Éclat travel Eau de Parfum (15 ml), a rich shower foam (200 ml), a lovely hand balm (70 ml) and the fortune balms-repair for soothed lips. We enriched each product with the brightening and re-energising scent of cedarwood and sweet orange.


Are you looking for a truly unique gift this Easter? These limited-edition Rituals Easter Egg Gifts are a gift within a gift. Not only the Easter Egg itself is fun to receive, but its contents will surely bring a smile to the receivers’ face.

We carefully selected each product to unwind and regain a sense of well-being. The wonderfully scented products all contribute to the relaxation of mind, body and soul. From a delicate foaming shower sensation to rich cream and from a nurturing lip balm to a delicate travel fragrance, this gift is fully geared to make someone soulfully happy.

Send or give your friends and family this unique gift, so they can take a moment to indulge themselves in a new luxury beauty routine this springtime. Perfect for new beginnings.


If there is one thing for sure, it’s that RITUALS Easter Eggs are truly original Easter gift packages. Usually, these are richly filled with items that taste delicious. But we decided to fill our gift packages with something more promising: an enriching and refreshing fragrance and beauty routine. Each egg is filled with everything you need to feel good and look good. And the delicious scents with which we've enriched our products will ensure that your loved ones will once again feel confident. Isn't that the new beginning you'd wish for everyone?


Not only does receiving and unwrapping of the beautifully wrapped egg bring the receiver a moment of joy, but it's also a gift basket that keeps on giving as it's packed with a new spring body care routine. Show your loved ones that you care, and surprise them with a range of body cosmetics presents – just because.

Want to surprise someone with a magnificent gift set, but the scent you’re looking for isn’t part of the Easter Egg options? Then discover the other gift boxes in our collection. Choose, for example, a small, medium or large variant of the Classics Collection, or personalise the contents of your gift set and add a personal message for an extra big surprise. Discover all your options online.


Want to make your Easter gift shopping hassle-free? You can pick up the products you’ve ordered online in one of our stores, but you can also have them delivered to your home. This way, you have them right where you want them, and to really put a smile on their face - you can even have them delivered gift wrapped! Simply order them from your chair so that you have all the time you need to prepare for one thing: spoiling the closest people in your life with a lovely new routine. Because who says you can't create your own happiness this Easter?

No need to worry about whether you'll have enough time to collect your Easter gifts, order them easily online. Just take all the time you need to decide what to give, and you can choose the best gifts for those special people you want to surprise at Easter breakfast or brunch.

Do you only want to order a Rituals Easter Egg? Order your Easter Gift Set via The Easter Gift Express and get it shipped to your home. Delivery is free.


In our collection, you'll find many more Easter gift ideas for her. You don't have to limit yourself to our Easter Eggs to surprise someone with a fresh start:

Prepare for your spa days in the upcoming seasons with our new, delicate and ultra-soft bathrobe, designed for ultimate relaxation.

Give a luxury gift set: From a nice treat to a complete ceremony, our gift boxes have everything you need for renewed energy. Spoil someone with luxury hand soap and hand lotion presented on one of our luxurious marble trays.

Give the gift of a personalised hair routine with the Elixir Collection. These delicious shampoos can be personalised to the fullest extent, with even the recipient's name on the bottle. Excellent to give, but maybe even better to keep for yourself!

If you like to stand out with your gift ideas, go for an unusual Easter gift. It is much nicer to surprise someone with the gift of a new beginning. This is the best way to usher in spring together and encourage new ideas, possibilities and routines.


Or find a luxurious gift for a special man in your life. Discover one of our selected products, or give a gift card to let him choose a refreshing gift for himself.

How about wonderfully scented reed diffuser sticks to fully enhance the house with luxury again after your spring cleaning?

Our scented candles are also perfect for that. They give off beautiful light and spread delicious, luxurious scents.

Let your special someone pick the product they really want with one of our gift cards that you can top up as high as you like.

Choose one of our mini's and hide it during the Easter Egg hunt. Isn't this much more fun than finding a chocolate egg?

Or treat a special man in your life with a luxury and classy bathrobe. Perfect for spending those lazy, re-energizing days at home, retreating to one’s own home spa, or walking around in a luxury spa retreat. Nothing beats the feeling of re-energising with a robe made with the softest cotton you can imagine.

Whichever product you choose for your favourite man, each is great for renewing energy, relaxing and lounging. Make sure you order your gifts in time to have them in your home in time as well. That way, you'll assure yourself and the recipient of an unforgettable Easter weekend! And isn't that the best start to spring you could wish for anyone?


Are you looking for inspiration for your relaxation gifts this Easter? We’ve got you covered with plenty of original ideas to give your loved one.

  1. Easter Egg
  2. Soft bathrobe
  3. Green refill box
  4. Gift card for a spa
  5. Hand care gift set
  6. Personalised hair care
  7. Skincare products for a new routine
  8. Reed diffuser sticks for after spring cleaning
  9. Luxury massage oil , including your very own massage
  10. Soulful bath oil and scented candle for a night of self-care

Discover all your gift options online, or come and try the products yourself in the store.


If you can’t decide on an Easter gift, simply treat your loved ones to a gift card. This will allow them to choose from all the body creams, soaps, home fragrances, and more. If you’re searching for gifts online, this is an easy solution to ensure you give a gift with a personalised feel.

Whatever you’ll be giving this Easter, it is always a pleasant surprise for someone to be spoiled with the gift for new beginnings. So find your gifts online, or come and try our products for yourself in one of our stores today.

Happy Easter!

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