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The Ritual of Karma Karma Fragrance Sticks Duo


2x home fragrance sticks
The Ritual of karma fragrance sticks combines the soft scents of holy lotus and white tea, infusing your home with a postive and ... Show more


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This set contains

The Ritual of Karma

2 X Sticks for Refill Fragrance Sticks - Natural

The Ritual of Karma

2 X The Ritual of Karma Fragrance Sticks for Gift Set

Your luxurious essentials

  • Contains two full-size The Ritual of Karma fragrance sticks. Place both in one large room for a wonderfully fragrant vibe. Shop our eco-chic refills when they're empty.
  • Enriched with a combination of white lotus and white tea.
  • The innovative fragrance sticks will give off a wonderful subtle fragrance without turning them around. Turn them for a more intense experience.