At home at your hotel

As a brand Rituals has built a reputation of reliability, quality and trust. We provide high-end home and body cosmetics with distinctive luxury fragrances created by the best perfumers in the world. The next logic step is to expand our philosophy of enjoying simple pleasures when people are away from home. Whether it is travelling for business, taking a holiday or going away for the weekend, it is important that people feel comfortable and at ease wherever they are in order to find the peace that help bring body and mind back into balance.

Exclusive hotel cosmetics

Rituals offers a unique concept for hotels with products specially designed for the hospitality industry. A carefully selected package of luxurious hotel cosmetics guarantees the ultimate brand experience in your hotel. Bathroom amenities, special teas and indulging body care products treat your guests to an atmosphere of pure luxury and relaxation during their stay in your hotel. And that makes all the difference! For more information about our hotel partnership program, please contact us.

Make it special for your guests

We offer a full lifestyle hotel concept with a wide range of products that cater to all the specific needs of your guests. Go with Rituals and your guests will experience an even more remarkable stay at your hotel.

Hotel amenities

Exclusive amenity lines of prestige quality at competitive prices.

Hotel amenities

Rituals Treat (30ml / Rituals Collection (47 ml)

During your hotel guests’ stay, they will experience the 5 different rituals, all with their own unique stories and fragrances.

There are five products available in the Rituals Treat / Rituals Collection line: shampoo, conditioner, bath & shower gel, body lotion and both a 25 f and 40 g soap bar.

Our hotel amenities are EcoPure certified.

Washroom dispensers

We have an exclusive range of hand soaps and hand lotions. This includes a stylish wall mounted bottle holder. We can offer you a selection of subtle fragrance solutions for your washrooms.

Our exclusive range of hand soaps and lotions can also be combined with the chrome wall-mounted bottle holder. Exclusively designed for hotels and restaurants you have the option of a 1 liter size refill bottle for soap and lotion.

Exclusive fragrances for every room and space

Experience a selection of subtle fragrance solutions to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere anywhere you like. From fragrance sticks to candles to home perfumes in a variety of different scents.

A beautiful scent may inspire and conjure wonderful memories. Choose from a great selection of fragrance sticks, scented candles, home perfumes and pillow sprays to make the experience of a stay in your hotel extra luxurious and special.

Fragrance sticks in different scents: large and a special mini version for smaller rooms.
Beautiful wooden fragrance stick holder for an extra stylish touch. Candles in different fragrances. Choose from a variety of evocative fresh and light aroma’s to sensuous flowery and sweet perfumes.
Mesmerizing room perfumes to create a perfectly scented environment, ideal for housekeeping Yin & Happy Mist pillow sprays with relaxing or refreshing aromas for the ultimate in luxurious turndown service.

Tea for hotels and restaurants

Serve an extraordinary cup of 100% natural tea. It comes in an innovative packaging format specially designed for hotels.

In the hospitality business one has to be very perceptive of the little things that make your hotel stand out. Serving a cup of delightful tea is a small touch of luxury that will certainly surprise and delight your guests. We offer a fine range of 100% natural black, green and herbal teas suitable for every moment of the day. Of course our tea range has an additional selection of supporting tea accessories.


For VIP guests, staff and affiliate programs we offer special gift sets in different price ranges.

Another extra service to your guests is offering the option of purchasing Rituals gifts, fragrances and a limited assortment of products at the reception in your hotel lobby*. (*For hotel clients only not for retail outside hotel) Additional tailor-made services we can provide you with:

VIP gift sets for loyal clients
Presents for hotel staff
Special gifts to resolve customer complaints