Long day? Unwind with this slow evening yoga routine

Evenings are a great time for yoga. A relaxing nightly yoga session can improve your sleep, protect you against stress and relieve tension in your body. Let our expert Deborah Quibell guide you through a sequence of close-to-the-ground poses that will help you unwind and create space in your body and mind—even after the most hectic of days. 


We all know that it’s important to take some time to chill out before we call it a day. But scrolling through social media or binging Netflix on your laptop before bed only seem to sabotage your sense of inner peace. So why not swap your evening screen time for a slow, gentle yoga routine?


This evening yoga sequence will soothe your body & mind into a state of deep relaxation. Slowly flowing through a series of close-to-the-ground poses, you’ll end your day feeling centered and calm.



Deborah Quibell

Professioneel schrijver, healer en docent Deborah Anne Quibell gelooft met heel haar hart dat wetenschappelijk verworven kennis ook bij yoga en spiritualiteit een belangrijke rol kan spelen. Ze is senior instructeur bij het Institute for Inner Studies, heeft een PhD in dieptepsychologie, geeft les in Pranic Healing en verzorgt yoga- en meditatiesessies voor yogastudio’s, bedrijven en online platforms.