Why a daily meditation practice is more beneficial than going on holiday

Is going on vacation something you enjoy or a way to recover from your stressful life? Of course, you can mindlessly run around every day of the year and then stumble on the plane with your phone still glued to your ear. But even spending a full month on a tropical island cannot compensate for the amount of stress you're putting on yourself all year round. 

According to science, if you'd like to achieve the ultimate, eternal vacation effect, you better start living a mindful life. Such a lifestyle, of course, should include daily meditation. So do yourself a favour and experience the beneficial effects meditation has on your brain.  


A great relaxation technique

Current research has shown that meditation is even more beneficial to you than going on vacation. First of all, meditation boosts your immune system. Also, people who meditate daily are less stressed and able to cope with difficult situations more successfully. They experience fewer negative emotions, are more compassionate and are more likely to be in a happy mood. You don't even have to spend a lot of time meditating; a few minutes a day is enough to start feeling more peaceful. 



Allow yourself to stay home

What if you could feel more relaxed by not going on vacation? No need to pack your suitcase, catch a train, a bus or a plane. All you have to do to achieve the ultimate vacation effect is meditate for a bit. Imagine being a tourist wandering through your mind and observing your thoughts. Keep a notebook near so you can write down any interesting thoughts or insights you may have: the little gems you can only discover during your mini vacation! 

Would you rather explore the world outside your door? Find your favourite guided walking meditation in the Buddhify app. Step outside, exercise your body and your mind and walk around your trusted neighbourhood as if you're there for the first time.

How about recreating the relaxed ambience of a holiday retreat inside your home? Find a meditation cushion or a chair in which you can sit upright and create a pleasant environment to relax, or use these tips to create your personal meditation room. 

If you'd like to have some variation in your meditation, you can try a visualisation exercise. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a tropical island, in a beautiful forest or in a Japanese garden where the fragrant cherry blossoms gently drift through the air. Want to look as rested as you feel? Wear a cooling eye mask during your visualisation exercise. Not only do you feel refreshed, relaxed and energetic, you’ll also look the part!