Unhappy with the fragrance experience?

Option 1:
If the Perfume Genie isn’t responding correctly, please check if het cartridge is
full. If the cartridge is empty, the Genie won't work properly. You can replace the
cartridge with a new original Rituals cartridges. You can shop cartridges here.

Option 2:
It's possible that your cartridge isn't inserted correctly. Check to see if you
removed the transparent plastic seal and if the cartridge is placed with the text facing upwards.
Some other tips that might help: place the Perfume Genie on a level surface and
avoid moving the Perfume Genie when it has a cartridge that is in use.

Option 3:
It's possible the room size and/or fragrance intensity settings in the app aren't suited to the
room your Genie is in. Adjust the settings and play around with them until you have the desired result.

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