Rituals is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. We make an effort to actively increase the accessibility and usability of the website.

To this end, we are continually working to improve the overall usability of the site, using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA success criteria.

Accessibility on

We have adapted all features on to help you navigate the site. Below is a comprehensive list which we encourage you to read.

We worked with “The Accessibility Foundation” (Dutch foundation for adapting technology for people with disabilities) to test the usability of our site and to enhance and improve the experience for you.


Keyboard navigation: We are working towards making the website completely accessible - buttons, links, form elements, pop-ups, flyouts.
Alternatives for video/audio only: This is a new feature which adds transcription to audio and video files.
Zoom: We’re working on making the website accessible when it is zoomed in to 200% (mobile view) (e.g. hamburger menu item remains accessible to screen readers, and the navigation menu is accessible through the keyboard, all text is visible).
Focus: We’re working on making focus state more visible in different browsers, for all buttons, links and form elements.
Forms: Forms become more readable, easier to navigate, and their error messages easier to understand. Form elements are accessible through keyboard and have descriptive labels which are explicitly associated with the form elements.
Links & Buttons: All links and buttons have a unique name and role.
Enough time: Users are given enough time to read and use all content (e.g. mini cart, pop-ups, toaster messages).
Contrast: Text and background colours contrast well throughout the website.
Images: All images have alternative text which is comprehensible to screen readers, except for purely decorative images, which have an empty alt tag.

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