Wake up body and mind with this energising yoga flow

Gradually feel awake with this easy and – at times – dynamic flow. 

Feel groggy in the mornings? With a slow start and gradual build-up, this dynamic yoga flow will energise your body and mind. 


Some lucky people may bounce out of bed every morning full of energy, but for most of us, it takes a little while to really wake up. This gentle yet dynamic yoga flow is the perfect way to gradually do just that, plus, it will leave you full of positive energy for the day ahead.  


With a nice slow start, this flow builds momentum throughout the practice, allowing your body and mind to gradually move from stiffness to mobility, from fog to clarity. Get ready to enter the day with an increase in circulation, endorphins (those happy hormones) and brain power. 


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Deborah Quibell

Deborah Quibell

Escritora profesional, sanadora y profesora, Deborah Anne Quibell defiende apasionadamente el poder de la respiración, respaldada por los resultados de investigaciones académicas en los campos del yoga y la espiritualidad. Instructora experimentada del d Institute for Inner Studies, tiene un doctorado en psicología profunda y enseña curación pránica, además de yoga y meditación tanto en estudios, como empresas y medios on line.