Hello Staycation! Unique and Local Holiday Destinations for Summer

If you want to relax and de-stress, you don’t need to travel far. In fact, some people find going on holiday stressful in and of itself. Having to plan a vacation, rushing to the airport and packing your suitcase can all cause tension. When you have a staycation, there’s no stress and you can experience that wonderful vacation feeling in your own country.


Try these restaurants for the most delicious dishes

Wandering the streets of Copenhagen looking for a place to lunch? Try vegan restaurant Souls for the most delicious plant-based dishes. Here you can eat a variety of fresh salads containing super greens such as spinach and kale.

Or explore the Central Food Market in Aarhus. Here you can taste delicious food while listening to live music and enjoying the summer evenings. Go to Green Neighbour for the best 100% organic salads or drink a refreshing smoothie at Fruity Foodie.


Sleep in the nature of Denmark

In the Stensboek Den Holistikse Hojskole you can relax in a peaceful forest retreat. Here you can explore the unique nature. If you are ready for some activity you can have an adventure by bike, canoe or simply a long walk. If you’re wanting to nurture your creative side, you can paint in one of the spare rooms.


Visit the most beautiful places of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the perfect place to have a city trip in your own country. Start your day with a nice brunch at Wulff & Konstali. In this restaurant you can create your own plate with 22 different components. Take a walk into the historic city centre stop at the Round Tower or walk through the shopping streets where you can visit the Christiansborg palace and Børsen. Take a relaxing walk along the Københavns Indre Søer. And visit the free city named Christiania with local cuisines and a hippie ambiance.

Not in the mood for a walking tour? You can also take a boat tour through the canals. The boat will take you to the city’s main attractions such as the National Bank of Denmark, The Opera, Amaliehave, the Little Mermaid and Saviour’s Church.

Eat dinner at Torvehallernes gourmet-food market, with over 60 stands featuring the most delicious meals from a variety of cuisines. Book an overnight stay at Manon les Suites, which has a beautiful indoor pool surrounded by plant life to give you a tropical vacation feeling.

Dive into relaxation in the following places

Trying to escape and slow down in nature? The Sun Moon Retreat is the perfect place for you. Shake up your daily routine with yin yang yoga. This retreat is located on the small island of Møn. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the quiet that nature provides. Each day you can participate in multiple yoga classes and other relaxing activities.

Or visit the south coast at the Aiyana retreat. This region has beautiful nature, allowing you to wake up to the sound of the wind and chirping birds. Not only is the nature itself relaxing, the retreat also contains a wellness area where you can enjoy relaxing massages or yoga classes.


Home is where your holiday is

You can also celebrate summer at home by introducing some new activities into your life.  Start gardening, take a mindfulness course or read one of the books featured in our summer reading list. Any of these things will give you that special holiday feeling from the comfort of your own home. And if you actually do end up traveling for a holiday, doing these things once you are back will help you hold onto that vacation feeling just a bit longer.