How The Tiny Miracles Foundation makes a huge impact

The Tiny Miracles foundation, founded in 2012, has an important mission: to help neighbourhoods in Mumbai, India rise out of poverty and become self-sufficient communities. A joint effort between former corporate finance associate Laurien Meuter and her cousin, artist Pepe Heykoop, this dynamic Dutch duo’s key ambition is to elevate a substantial number of citizens to middle class status by 2020.


Giving more than money

One of the things that makes Tiny Miracles so unique is that it involves not just corporate sponsors donating money, but also a holistic approach to giving those less fortunate the tools they need to break out of the poverty cycle. They do this by focusing on five pillars: social awareness, healthcare, employment, education and celebration. As their website rightfully points out, “Making miracles happen can only be achieved if you transform all areas of life simultaneously. You can build a health clinic, but as long as people have no access to safe drinking water you won’t be able to make any progress. You can put children to school but if they don’t have any food, what good will that do? Tackling the fundamentals first and building awareness and knowledge from a solid basis has proven to create a profound and lasting impact.”

Inspiration by numbers

Profound and lasting is right. By starting off in an area populated by 700 people who lived in an extremely dangerous red light district and expanding to a second community of 1,000 people, Tiny Miracles is responsible for starting a clean water program, a public health clinic, and raising women’s wages from less than 1 euro a day to 250 euros a month, which is around the middle class average. Children now attend English schools, more and more adolescents are attending university and the healthcare centre has dropped mortality rates substantially.

Lighting the fire within

All of these things—among many other initiatives—are responsible for empowering these communities. As Meuter puts it, “What we do is provide opportunities, which changes people’s way of thinking—we increase their self-confidence so that they really believe in creating their own destinies. We are all about lighting the fire within in them!”



Small acts of love can create tiny miracles, and Rituals passionately supports that mission. As a founding partner Rituals financially supports the Tiny Miracles foundation and by this means helps to transform the lives of many people in Mumbai.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, visit the Tiny Miracles website.